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Test results ....Help please

Levo reduced from 100 to 75 a month ago due to excessive sweating despite being freezing cold, has helped .New test results

serum free t4 level 10.7 pmo/l 7.00-17.00pmo/l

serum tsh level 1.34 mu/l 0.20-4.50 mu/l

tfts suggest satisfactory thyroid replacement therapy

suggest repeat test in a year

what does it all mean please????

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The above test results suggest that you might not be on adequate replacement but that really does depend on how you feel. Some people would feel fine with these results but others would feel very hypothyroid.

Serum free T4 is the amount of thyroxine in your blood. It is at the low end of normal which is often not enough for most people but some feel fine on this amount. Serum TSH is thyroid stimulating hormone which tells your thyroid how much thyroid hormones (including thyroxine) it should produce. Although a lot of people on thyroxine feel best with this below 1 or even below range, some people do feel best with it a little higher. You really need to go on how you feel.

There is a possibility that your sweating while feeling cold was due to your body not being able to handle that amount of thyroxine even if your body needed that much. Some reasons this can happen are lower than optimal iron and ferritin levels. If your b vitamins, particularly folate and B12, are below optimal levels you may also get similar symptoms like sweating even though you are hypothyroid. It is always a good idea to get these things checked. If your ferritin is below 70 it would be a good idea to supplement with iron. If your folate is below 10 or your B12 is below 500, you will need to supplement with both of these. It actually doesn't hurt to supplement with B vitamins anyway, unless you have a metabolic disorder that means you have to be careful. I don't know of any personally but someone else may know more.

Many people on here find that they get hyper symptoms and can't get up to a good level of thyroxine because their iron and ferritin levels are too low. Once they get this sorted out, they can tolerate the amount of thyroxine they need. On the other hand, some people are perfectly well with blood test results like yours so you really need to go by how you feel.

You may wish to have a look around the Thyroid UK website for more information. Use the purple menu on the left to navigate.

I hope that helps.

Carolyn x


Thanks very much, it helped a lot.


Don't take a lot of notice of "repeat test in a year" if you don't feel well the only way is to find out by a blood test and it can take quite a lot of them to get things to improve. So many people suffer because they do as they are told by a doctor who is just pleased to get you out of the surgery!


Thanks i will remember that


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