cant find the off topic/ your broadband slow????

has anyone who has a private email addy with bt, notice dthe broadband slow , mine has got slower and slower and they keep ringing me to upgrade to fibre optic which i cant afford so i am sure its a ploy, slowing down the broadband on purpose. a bt rep actually asked me if it was slow, i said yes but i wll have to put up with it-- alluminti-- forcing me to change.....

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  • Yes - and double yes. I live in a rural village where we have been promised fibre broadband "next spring". The quality of our broadband has deteriorated significantly in the last year. It used to be excellent, now it's (*&**

  • well i think they ar eslowing down the old broadband to get folks to upgrade at a price and this annoys me, i cant afford it.

  • Yes Pettals I have wondered if the Internet Providers are pulling a fast one, we are all being inundated with letters etc to update which many of us cannot afford, it is very frustrating.

  • So look into alternative ADSL providers. It won't be any faster (the speed depends on the distance from the exchange and the condition of your wiring - and they oversell the capacity, which is shared between everyone on your exchange - more or less), but it might be cheaper and perhaps they won't hassle you. Look at reviews of providers on the web. If you have a good mobile signal and don't download much, you might find a dongle from 3 cheaper and just as fast.

  • Hi pettals,

    I so agree with Angel, we upgraded to fibre-optic a couple of months ago, but have not noticed much change so far because of the reasons given by Angel. Unfortunately we didn't know all this beforehand and are now stuck with it. It also doesn't improve service from sites. Janet.

  • We also upgraded to fibre optic recently because the provider we were with was throttling our speeds so much that we couldnt watch tv programs, which is what we mainly have the internet for. our fibre optic is only £10 more per month than we were paying before, but that still makes it cheaper than paying for an additional TV licence (which we refuse to pay for). We now have unlimited download that isnt throttled and worth the money in our opinion. though it wouldnt suit everyone.

    BT are known to be bad for throttling btw, I wouldnt touch them nor would I recommend them to anyone

  • too much techno for me, i dont understand it and i havent got the brain absorbtion facility right now to look into change, i have too much stress inmy family to start changing at heh mo men and sorting out new deals, it justs wears me out and causs me more stress on my worn out adrenals, i will put up with slow ness for awhile an dbreathe deeply to not rage.x

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