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Well i spooke to the GP yesterday about my constant racing heart and anxiety and he is doing bloods again, said he will see what my bloods are like this time and possible organize a 7 day heart monitor to be done too, i have said that i have had this for 13 years since being on levo (TSH 0.9) at this present moment and for the first time this doc has said i will go on symptoms and not TSH level well i was taken back a bit because never has any gp said this before :-)

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That's very good news and hope your palpitations will soon be easing.


Thank you i do too xx


Hi Make sure the GP also does the Free T3, it is actually the most relevant with heart. It also would be a good idea to try and get him to do U`s and E`s too, .7 day monitor is a brilliant test.

Best wishes,



Hi Jackie and thanks doubt he will if the bloods come back normal but will ask, what are u and es if you dont mind me asking x


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