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Thought things were improving until today, Liver function blood tests out of wack again, CRP & ESR still high & Thyroid function tests ok

Been to doctor this morning to discuss bloods taken on Tuesday. Was hoping for an increase in Thyroxine as on 50mg of Levo at present but now need another blood test to test Lipids, GT, CRP before any increase and doctor asked me if there were any tests I would like done and I said T3 please after handing over a copy of Deiodinases which I had highlighted the Iron deficiency and Inflammation associated with common conditions parts that feel apply to me.

Doctor agreed to test for T3 if they will do it but said I probably have Fibromyalgia and have I heard of that and told her I had and I said I had read that it is linked with thyroid problems. Doctor went on to say there is no proper treatment for Fibromyalgia. Told her my palpatations were coming back and worse before and during my period. She took my pluse and said I was tachycardic.

Blood results 12/11/2013

TSH - 1.75 mu/L (0.40-4.00)

Free T4 - 16.7 pmol/L (12-22)

ESR - 26 mm (4.00-12.00)

CRP - 12.0 mg/L (<5.00)

Gamma GT - 132 iu/L (<40)

Alkaline phosphatase - 121 iu/L (35.00-105.00)

ALT - 96 iu/L (<33.00)

My last liver function tests back in August had come right down but they are now back up to where they were before I started taking levothyroxine.

Hopefully the doctor will read the printout I gave her and understand more about how thyroid disorders affects your whole body. Just hoping that the T3 blood test will be done by the lab and be interesting what the results will be.

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HI Those liver tests to me, strongly suggest Diabetes, have you been tested? Autoimmune and hormonal, very similar, symptoms at first, to thyroid disease. Hopefully the T3 will show something, this was my case originally, when it was always tested. Here it is the NHS Labs that no longer test and over rule the GP!!!!I use Blue Horizon because of that, for thyroid. What about your other Liver tests, main LFT`s, they above not been done, they should include calcium and bilirrubin and some others. NHS on the form they do various LFT`s ,instead of just dong them all, so the GP has to pick the different groups.I would want more tests too, iron/ferritin, B12 + foliates, needs to be high, vit D These 2 and Diabetes are autoimmune and hormonal so important especially with thyroid.Also a FBC ( Full blood count) and U`s and E`s ( kidney function) would be a good idea, if no ones sure what you have.

Best wishes,



Hi Jackie, previous gulcose blood tests have been fine but was not done this time. My ferritin was 20.0 ug/L (25.00-300.00) back in May and now up to 49 I am taking 325mg Ferrus sulphate tablets daily. I self medicate with Jarrow Formulas B12 Methylcobalamin 1000mcg [blood test in May B12 - 333 ngl (180-800 )], vit C and D after reading posts on this site said that they may help.

All my other tests were fine I just put up the ones that had abnormal contact patient under them. Was hoping the Levo was bringing down the LFT's as results back in August were alot lower but now back at square one with them but I do have some symptoms coming back again. TPO antibodies [317 (range <49)] came back positive in January so it is autoimmune thyroidits but don't think my doctor taking that into account.


Hi The best test is Hb 1 Ac for Diabetes, both types. However, if Glucose fairly recent, that should be fine. Usually, unless unlucky, borderline quite a while before it develops. Mine was sudden and very severe, but i am odd anyway.You need a ferritin /iron retest after 3-4 months on the meds and then annually, that is why the absorption rate is so important, always done privately, Endo says very important. They wrote it on and mine was 17% should be very high, so had to increase my Ferrous Sulphate.Yes, if you were seeing a good Endo your would be receiving B12 treatment with that, through a GP. make sure you have a retest, low.If on D, be sure to have a corrected calcium test, it could just be causing your liver bloods to be out. Although, if mine were like the few you had done, my hepatologist would be thrilled, although not my other docs! I have had liver problems all my life, not related to any other thing except my kidneys.Is it possible that you had autoimmune hepatitiis? That throws the liver right out and takes about 6 months to recover,As autoimmune no treatment, I could not get mine diagnosed, GP and Gastro, after months, very ill and vomiting, bright yellow. Still no diagnosis, had a new Cardio ,he diagnosed straight away. It was caused b a drug that I had suddenly developed a reaction to.I am thinking of something you were on and not now?Not bad enough to be now. I do not know the Jarrow formula, have you checked on a good WEB site for contra indications, I am wondering about the liver ?Originally my Hyypo diagnosed solely on FT3, always done then, even though low TSH,very. The other thing it is possible to have primary Parathyroid causing the problems. The initial test for that is bloods done 3 together,must be AM and vit D , PTH ( parathyroid) and corrected calcium. If all 3 well above range and D high for you. Then you need ultra sound thyroid, nuclear scan and CT for PTH.

I hope that gives you some ideas.If you think some thing is wrong, do not give up until found!

Good hunting.



Even though the tests said fine and in range they may not be fine for you, so it might be an idea to post them anyway and see what comes back

Jo xx


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