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Should I ask to see an endo instead of GP?


I've been taking 10mg of carbimazole for about 6 weeks now. Had my bloods done last week and my t4 levels are now 19.8 instead of 28 (range 4 - 20)

My GP runs an endocrinology clinic at another hospital but he's still a GP. Should I be asking to be referred to an endo?

Also he's advised me to carry on with the same dose even though my levels have come down over the space of 4/5 weeks. He did warn me I might go hypo and to just look out for the symptoms.

Should he be reducing my dose now?

Many thanks in advance x

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Hi Kerrie, your levels have come down nicely but are still in the high end of the range. My endo has told me that T4 should be around 12-14 depending on the individual but ive not reached that stage yet. Perhaps you should try for another blood test in 2weeks as really you shouldn't be left to go hypo x


Hi Kerrie,

I started on 40mg carb in Feb with T4 of nearly 70. I went for up and down titration of drug according to monthly blood tests - you must make sure they do T4 and T3 because if TSH OK in their view will not test these. By September was on 5mg carb and T3 was low (good job I'd asked for it....) and now on 2.5mg, just had bloods done again. Feeling fine - may have messaged you before, no longer eat wheat, very little caffeine, reduced dairy and alcohol and take supplements for gut health (L-glutamine, aloe vera, probiotics) plus some others.It is, touching wood, so far working for me.... x


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