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could TSH go from 10.69 to "normal" in just 3 weeks of 50mcg per day of thyroxine?

I've just spoken to the surgery over the phone to get tuesdays blood results and they say the dr says it's normal, which I take it means they don't think I need an increase from my starter dose. i've made an appointment to go and see the dr tomorrow to find out more, but seems odd to me that my tsh could go from so high to normal so quickly after only 3 weeks of medication. any thoughts?


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Make sure you ask your doctor for a print out of the results. His idea of normal might not be yours or mine. Yes, hopefully your TSH will have fallen. It's how you feel that matters. It's unlikely that he (or she) will increase your dose just yet as I believe thyroxine takes 6 weeks to fully build up in your body. My TSH halved after 2 months on 50mcg - from 5.6 to 2.5. I still felt *&^& though and insisted on an increase.


thanks yes i have requested print outs of my last 3 blood test results so will post those up tomorrow. I'm not feeling any better or noticing any difference at all, hence my concern that the dose will be kept the same, maybe though it is too early for me to feel a difference.


It is essential to do as Rosetrees suggests. Always get a print-out of your blood tests complete with the ranges and you can post them on a new question for advice.

Unfortunately, GP's may not always know best when it comes to treating thyroid gland problems, but you may be lucky. The aim is not to get your TSH within 'normal' range but to give enough medication to remove your clinical symptoms and make you feel well. Many do well on levothyroxine but others do not.

If your GP hasn't tested Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, iron, ferritin and folate ask for these to be done and get a print-out.


Go by how you feel not blood test results!!


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