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halleuja !!! nhs research POMI-T GREEN TEA, BROCCOLLI, POMEGRANITE, TURMERIC for prostate cancer

and whats more the resaerchers have said that no--one in interested in resaerching this cos there is no money in resaerching foodstuffs-----drugless treatment----- but it has worked wonders on a man with prostate cancer-- and the nhs doing this was bedford and addenbrookes!!! so they said that they are tryingto convince them. bout bloody time too!

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Sounds interesting Pettals, do you have a link for us please?


ijust googled pomi-t red apple


Another thing to try is Prickly Pear for cancer my father has had his cancer back 3 times and all e has done is eat prickly pear for 3 weeks and it somewhat dissapears


for every disease, nature provided a cure. However, for every symptom, greedy people had a means to make £$£$£. I listen to my body. On Sunday for example, when I was to have the roast dinner I planned and cooked, I took one mouthful and put it away in the fridge. Instead I had a large banana, 2 plums, a pomegranate and a pear and enjoyed every keen bite of them.Felt heaps better afterwards too.

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Thanks for posting pettals will pass on to my Dad and another family member who is at the start of his radiotherapy treatment - every little helps. . . .


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