I have finally gone from 18 7 to 17 6, in 9 months feel better but have already noticed the odd pound going on here and there.

Does anyone struggle doing exercise in the winter? I hate these dark nights and after a 8 hour shift at work all I want to do is chill with a good book, drama on tv or chat on skybe.

My latest levels where between 3 and a high four so I have been put up to 75mg, and got to say feel much better than I did on 50mg not so cold more awake.

My only disipointment is that my eye sight has not improved, I had really good eye sight before my underactive thyrod now I am short sighted, is this common does my condition effect eyes?

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  • Well done on losing the weight, it is really hard when you have thyroid issues to battle with. . It is hard to get motivated to exercise on those dark nights, I'm lucky that I can go to a nice little gym during the week and I do a Pilates class too. Amazing the difference a little rise in levo can make isn't it

    Could you be developing cataracts? That would make your vision worse.

    Liz x

  • How did you do it?

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