a question of wigs

i wonder if any one who wears wigs ever notices when aperson is wearing a wig,------after searching for a decent one i have discovered lace front, full lace, wefts, monofilament fronts, whisperlite, permetease, and lord knows what---- i have still yet to find a natural looking one without a lot of hair, i am used to shoulder lenght , the petite size wig hair are all too short, and sometimes too small avereage size too large and all smothered in thick monkey hair looking like wigs--- most people hair on top /fringes etc are thinner but all the wigs are like bloody coconut mats..... i can pick out a wig in a second. all the newscasters that wear wigs , all yhe actresses that wear wigs, i rarely seea natural looking one and i need help, i have just been sold a wig, it is too long so needs to be cut but the top my God, is soooooooooooooooo thick it looks stupid. normal peopleshair is not as thick as wigs today, and they are supposed to be so natural looking, in th e films where people wear wigs they look like they are growing from the hair line, all look co good, but in th eshops/ books etc even a lace front wig you can still see the material...

so to be picky

chaz emmerdale does she wear a wig?

charlene white the newscaster itv, a wig?

rita from the cabin and granny in the pub corrie, wear wigs,

what has denise welch and sherry in loose women done with their wrinkles?

doe cherylcole wear a wig?

beyonce does

joan collins wig looks like abloody matted awful wig... perhaps its that choc bar she eats when she is hungry huh?.

why do some look normal-- ie beyonce, you cant see where her s start, it looks normal....

where can i buy a thin wig that moves and stays put and looks normal help!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Orthodox Jewish women all wear wigs. When I was little I wondered why all the aunties had the same hairdo. I don't think people notice unless their attention is drawn to it, or unless it really doesn't fit (like a bad toupee on a man).

  • I was amazed a couple of years ago when I admired someone I know's hair and she whispered to me that her hair had got become so thin that she was wearing a wig. It looks beautiful, certainly doesn't look bulky and I had absolutely no idea it could be a wig when I complimented her. I was amazed. Perhaps the give away had I thought about it is that she never has 'bad hair days'.


  • i suppose as i am so ultra observant that i notice everything, an extra wrinkle a mole a spot and an extra strandof synthetic hair, i even sent for a human hair wig that looked pretty thin in the picture and when it arrived it was so thick, i could get a job wearing it as a guard in the box at buck house, ( busby head) i can pic out wigs at a glance, partings are too thick, they look abnormal, allcoming down too far forward onto the forhead in fact just above the eyebrows talk about looking like the incredible hulk! i was in the high street and passed a young woman, i knew her hair was a wig as the strands are so thick and the forheads are too low especially if you have a small small barnet like i do,---- the wig person and cutter told me that he cant cut it too much as it would stick up and look thicker, and i have a small head, stupidly small head and small features, its bad enough having this disease without losing hair too ... its getting the damn thing to fit too-- as i have now got a thin covering of hair and it is so fine and slidy the bloody things slides off even with those awful stocking caps underneath it still slides off--- i could be burglar!!!----- double tape pulls out the already fine hair from my head, hair too fine and slidy to clip it in.... so i am thinking of getting one made so if anyone knows where i can go in london to get one made with thin strands and a proper fitting cap that doesnt look like mrs wiggy please tell me ... WIGS R US in this modern world why the heck are they not more thin and natural... moan over. xx

  • Shouldnt laugh but you make smething that is a real problem for you sound so funny - it is terrible though isn't it - they can put a man on the moon etc yet they can't come up with reasonably priced natural looking wigs that suit everyone, my friend / aquaintance is very lucky indeed to have found a very natural looking one.

    My husband ( started losing his hair in his late twenties ) is like that about men who wear wigs / toupees. He seems to spot them a mile off. Even then they have to be pretty obvious before I notice.

    Have you read about the Trevor Sorbie wig cutting service? It is very interesting. trevorsorbie.com/consumer/a...

  • lizh it doesnt matter i am glad you had a laugh, i think that a man on the moon, a robot now doing operations-- althi think its america but even so---- we have the techno world of techno but no normal wig just a bloody coconut matt__ i suppose i could be a star in the remake of PLANET OF THE APES.....???? Yes no trev near me??? south east???

  • simplywigs.co.uk/catalogue/...

    now look at this wig--- natural or what????? and look atthe front of the hair line!!!

  • I looked through the site once ages ago - my yoga teacher's sixteen year old daughter lost all her hair just before summer. You can matinee how a sixteen year old girl would feel about that - then her eyelashes and eyebrows and all other body hair went poor girl. Think Trev has a little army of sympathetic people he has trained - sure there is a list somewhere on that site.

    (((Hugs )))) to you. It's not fair is it, we have enough to contend with without losing our hair.


  • i can imagine that poor young girl did it grow back bless her... nearest trev is london quite a way

  • Hi

    Have a look at this website fulllacewigs.co.uk/glueless.... This woman sells silicon cap wigs....which I think is what you need. I've bought 3 wigs from her in the past (last one was in May 2014) and they look natural and are very well made....good quality.

    Good luck!

  • Hi Pettals, I think the answer is that you take it your hairdresser and she will thin it and cut it, just like your own hair. I worked in London in the 1970's, when everyone was wearing wigs, just for fun (Vidal Sassoon had a range) and the girls in Selfridges used to cut them all day long to suit people. A wig was never sold without it being tailored to the person. Hope you get it to look like "you". x

  • how weird, this post was not here when I posted (below), yet it now says posted 5 hrs ago

  • I had that problem recently - sometimes they just disappeared altogether which was annoying.


  • HENNERTON-- i am cracking up here---- my hairdresser!!!-- sorry-- i dont have hair dresser as i don thave hair to dress..!!!! and yyes i am laughing even tho i am so pissed off about it.... its so rediculous that i have tolaugh... i wouldnt mind if i was wearing one for fun cos if it blew away or fell off then all ' my long thick flowing golden locks' would cascade across my shoulders an di would look like the beautiful princess and all the handsome men in the street would rush to rescue me an dcarry me off on their white charger -- HORSE-- dont be naughty!--- an dthen as we rode into the romantic sunset my beautiful flowing golden locks would fly and float behind me.................

  • Sorry Pettals I realized you do not have any hair but assumed you might have had a hairdresser at some time, who would be happy to cut it for you. I am sure you would not be the first person to ask. Do hope you manage to get it sorted somehow.

  • i have msattering of hair grownback but it dont stay hennerton , dont worry i just found it funny.xx

  • You've made me laugh too pettals.

    Thankfully it's hat weather!

    Good luck with your search.

  • well glad you have had a laugh at least it creates endorphines and we need these.. i wore a hat all summer... had to make it a fashion icon or more like a walking tea cosy----- off to afternoon tea at goodwood! hey ho...

  • I have too much hair and will gladly donate it :-)

    Personally, I'd get the most ostentatious rediculous wig out there and make it mine. I've always wanted green hair. I remember seeing an old woman, and I mean OLD, with her JET BLACK massive updo. She tailored it with a power suit and massive sunglasses. She wore the wig, the wig did not wear her. I thought, you go girl! She would have looked fantastic walking my poodles :-) You don't want some poodle hair too while I think about it? Got lots of the black curly stuff.

  • you luck y girl howcome you have so much hair with thyroid... not brave enough to be so out there is you get my drift..

  • Hyperthyroid - grows like a weed although was thinner. now i'm off the carbimazole it's thickened up and I have new growth at my temple. It may even be coming in curly :-s I'm a naturally hairy person I'm afraid. Epilating is a full time job.

  • i know the feeling hair where you dont want it and none where you do...

  • I have my own hair for the hairdresser to cut, but I think Hennerton has the answer: get a good hairdresser to cut it to a picture or drawing that you like. I like my hair short on top - otherwise I look like I'm wearing a busby (as you said). Poor hairdressers struggle to do this nicely. You need a good one. They're only going to get one crack at it - and obviously they can be a lot of money.

    BTW I have a friend with alopecia. She wears very good, short wigs which I think she gets through the NHS. There is a range, I believe. I think it's easier to get it looking natural if it's shortish.

    Good luck!

  • yes short ar emore natural but i cant wear short look silly as i am tall and they dont suit me, shoulderlenght messy is me! unfortunatey the hairdressers have explained that cutting thinning to mucch will look thicker as the tops will stick up. the search goes on... why do we have all this shite to deal with as well as feeling like crap>>>>

  • Don't know anything about buying wigs, But I know you can get some that are then cut (by hairdressers) to the length you want. Maybe you could ask your hairdresser her opinion, or if she knows someone that specialises in wig cutting if normal hairdressers dont do it

  • I use a hair piece - like a bun - and grow my fringe. The company I buy them from is HOT HAIR which you can view on line. Ging

  • We had a brill weekend at the Goodwood Revival Meeting , (vintage and classic car racing and super dressing up) and there was an amazing wig stall. A lady who had bought out a whole stock from the 60's, with lots of real hair and some synthetic. They might have a better proportion of hairs in the right places. Prices were from only £20 yay - find them at Vintagewigs.co.uk. They are based in London - I'm no wig expert but theirs seemed remarkable to me.

  • vintage... i love it love the 40s... not been to goodwood but i have been to twinwood-- woll take a look at the vintage thanks sarah

  • I also met my most elegant friend at Goodwood - winner of best dressed lady in the London to Brighton run. She has no hair due to almost lifelong alopecia and her beautiful cloche hat was made by a local shop - I'll ask her if I can send you a picture x

  • BLESS good for her!-- i would be happy to wear the wig but i need one to fit that looks natural, so i will have to have one made. thnaks sarah.x

  • You could always go the whole hog in the opposite direction and have the lot (??) shaved off. Then you could have some very elegant and tasteful tattoos done on your scalp and never want the hair back anyway... just a suggestion... :-D

  • yes shave it and have a suction fitted...

  • Hi Pettals, I don't know if you've heard of or considered "hair restoration"? I imagine it's very expensive but I defy anyone to say it doesn't look natural!


    I hope you manage to get it sorted-it's bad enough feeling crap without losing your hair too x

  • h infomaniac yes i have looked at her she is very very expensive and i have no money, i couldnt even sell my body now lol---- it is ideal thou- but a few probs she s quite a way from me and you have to go back evey 6 weeks at a fair cost.. i would be forever in debt- it is dreadful that we can only solve our most intimate probs like this if we have money... maybe i should be a pick pocketlike that appalling channel 5 programme last night-- pickpockets make millions and one old guy who now doesnt pick said he made 3 MILLION picking!.. thise of u s who are honest have to suffer! thanks for that info INFO, i am always looking for a similar product to lucindas that is neareer to me and cheaper. thankyou.

  • Yes I saw that programme too Pettals-I was raging!!

    I will keep a look out and will let you know if I find anything similar-and cheaper :-) x

  • thnaks so much and i am still raging- i have written to the pm asking what he is gonna do aboutthis pickpocketing!!!!!!!!!!!! i could literally feel the blood boiling in my veins, i wwas going dizzy with rage- the sheer bloody audacity of it while we struggle...

  • Hi

    Your exasperation is exactly how I felt until I found this business fulllacewigs.co.uk/glueless.... Take a look at the site but don't be put off by the fact that only a few wigs are displayed. This woman (Huguette is her name) is the seller of the most natural looking wigs I have ever come across in London. She is currently selling a silicon wig that is perfect for people with thinning/no hair which I think is may be the sort of wig you need. I hope this helps.

    Good luck!!

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