Re.Pension Annuities. Does anyone have any data that shows Hypothyroidism leads to shorter life expectancy?

Sorry to seem so negative but thyroid problems do have a big effect on our financial situation. I would like to convert my pension savings into a monthly pension (Annuity). The insurance companies give enhanced pensions for several health conditions but thyroid problems are not included. I have tried to buy private health care since being diagnosed but they refuse to take me on. I can't believe we that we are likely to live as long as a 'healthy' person

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  • I don't know the official figures but I know people who have had thyroid problems all their lives and are doing as well in their 80's and 90's as any 'healthy' person. I suppose they are the lucky ones who were diagnosed and treated.

  • I have read somewhere that to have an underactive thyroid causes a longer life span (obviously if only a bit underactive). Ive been convinced my mum has had slight thyroid issues for a long time - she hasnt been diagnosed - and I suspect her mum too (my Nan). My Nan lived to 97 and my Mum is still going strong at 83. My Nan had huge anxiety and agoraphobic issues. My Mum a bit the same and very thin hair to the extent that she now has a wig. My Mum has always had a puffy face and can never lose weight. My Aunt, her Sister, has an underactive thyroid for which she is treated (ineffectively in my opinion) and has now been diagnosed with Coealic disease.

    By the way I have an underactive thyroid which I am treating with T3 because the T4 wasnt converting and my daughter has Type 1 Diabetes (another auto immune disease) which isnt really the point but I wanted to show that I am convinced about my Nan and my Mum and the genetic link making it even more of a likliehood.

  • My mother lived to 93 and looking back to when I was more ignorant regarding the thyroid, she most definitely was hypothyroid with many symptoms but was never treated, never even tested! However, my brother this year at 74 and hypothyroid, has died of fibrosing alveolite ( an autoimmune lung condition) and he also had beginnings of Parkinsons. He had been treated for Hashimotos for at least 40 years. I also lost my sister, who had treated Hashimotos, at 69 from cancer. I've been taking vits and minerals etc etc etc. for donkey's years now and so far have no terrible illnesses. My brother lived all his life in UK and my sister lived most of her life here too. I have lived 30 years in Italy with a Mediterranean diet, tons of fruit and veg. and sunshine and have been on NDT for about 3 years now.

  • Hi Valerie It makes you wonder just how much good Thyroxine does esp. your Mum wasn't treated.

  • Thank you very much for your replies. I suppose it depends on whether we manage to avoid complications.

  • Some Insurance companies will use any excuse not to cover people if they think that they might have to pay out early. Problem is, when they get it wrong like with Thyroid then they are vicimizing those persons unnecessarily and there doesn't seem to be anything you can do about it. When I was 32 I belonged to a great "Friendly Society" (Insurance company) and I was covered for health problems and being off work and a little of your premium went into a savings pot. The minute I was diagnosed with Hashimotos they ceased my contract. I argued the backside off them but got absolutely nowhere, even sending a letter from my Consultant Endo had no effect. I don't know what one does about this.

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