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Tpo "through the roof"

Hi I have hashimotos and have been struggling lately. I have also been recently been diagnosed with pernicious anaemia with thanks to a wonderful member from here :)

In a nutshell I've been feeling pretty cr*p lately, a lot I figured was down to my b12 deficiency. However, my blood tests came back today and my GP has "urgently" referred me to an endo as I have elevated tsh and my TPO's are 'through the roof"....I'm sorry I haven't exact figures my head wasn't with me earlier and I forgot to ask. Any ideas why this could be happening???? I take eltroxin 100mg and 125mg every 2nd previous lab work was very positive and my ranges where good considering march this year my tsh couldn't be read it was greater then 150 and my t4 was 2...I haven't the results in front of me but I think my tsh had been 1.??? And t4 of GP tested my t3 and it was "fine"....

All opinions greatly appreciated....I'm at a loss as to what to do at the moment and what to expect/ask my endo what I see him "urgently". This us certainly not helping with my new found anxiety :/ thank you all

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Of course it is a lot for you to take in. Am presuming you have only just had your anti-bodies tested - and now have the results. It's so good your B12/PA is being handled well and your thyroid treatment may well continue as it is now. You mentioned your GP had tested your FT3 and it was fine - fine by him or fine by the result. It needs to be near the top of the range if you are converting your T4. Often with Hashimotos converting can be a problem. Your raised TSH could indicate your thyroid is struggling at the moment.

Hashimotos is auto-immune - and is the most common of all thyroid conditions. With Hashimotos it is possible for your TSH to fluctuate and you can be both Hyper and Hypo at different times. There is a very good book you could read called - Hashimotos Thyroiditis and The Root Cause - by Izabella Wentz. She too is a sufferer and discusses it in detail. She also has a website and her Newsletters are excellent. Most auto-immune conditions start with an unhappy gut which may require some lifestyle changes. It is a long journey but I am sure you will feel better and more able to cope when your B12/Iron are all optimal. Do hope your Endo has positive thoughts for you about Hashimotos. The anxiety may well be due to you not being correctly treated at this moment. Hopefully you will soon feel better and will be posting lots of positive things.

I too have Hashimotos - also diagnosed with Crohns some 40 years ago following ileo-caecal TB. The gut and the auto-immune connection in action !


Hi Marz,

Many thanks for your reply it's much appreciated :) yes I've only just got my anti bodies tested and got the results today. As far as I could make out my ft3 was "fine" as in within range, but again I didn't question too much today (was also told I have a maxillary cyst as result of a recent mri) I had a lot to take it lol

I definitely feel I'm fluctuating between hypo and hyper all the time....I still have all the hypo symptoms that took me to the GP in the first place this time last year...but as well as feeling the cold more then most I'm having hot flushes and palpitations...the palpitations are very intrusive and scary. They seem to happen randomly for no apparent reason and then if I do exert myself at all it happens then too. I constantly feel jittery and a feeling of fear, which again may be anxiety I don't know. I also have a constant feeling if a lump in my throat which causes me to panic a little every now and then.

I will look into getting the book you suggested and the website, thank you. I know I really do need to look closely at my diet choices. I remember you recently suggested a gluten free diet and it is certainly something I think I should / will consider.

Thanking you for your kind words of support, it's so nice to have an informed opinion when you're feeling a little all over the place. My life is a little off track at the moment, I know I'll get there and yes, I too hope I'll have many positive posts in the future. Thanks again :)


...I also think you may just be a little toxic - in as much your T4 is not converting into the active T3. As you probably know good levels of B12 and Iron are needed for a good conversion of T4 into T3. Am gleaning this from your comments about random sweats may have rT3 problems when the T4 does not convert well. I had this problem when I was on T4/T3 combo last year and since October I have been T3 only. The clammy sweats have stopped - almost completely. The lump in the throat could mean that the thyroid is still a little swollen with inflammation....again that is based on my own experience rather than medical facts.

I still think being told your FT3 is fine is not quite good enough - and when you feel stronger I think you need to ask what the reading was - and the range. It really needs to be near the top of the range to be fine !

If you are unable to buy the book by Izabella Wentz then go to her website - loads of helpful information from a fellow sufferer - and you can sign up for her Newsletter. Taking positive action can sometimes make you feel better :-)


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