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armour dosage

I am sooooo sorry, i have already asked this question but im still confused.

I currently take 30mcg T3 and 125mcg of T4

according to this chart i should take 1.5 grains, but after speaking to a couple of people on here i understood i need 3 grains....

this states 1.5 grains equates to 37.5 mcg of T3 and 150mcg of T4

sorry again, im being a pain i know x

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You are forgetting to do the T3 and T4 separately It is approximately 1 1/4 for the T3 and 1 1/4 for the T4 totalling 2 1/2, according to the chart, what you already take is closer to 3 grains, but as synthetic is not the same as NDT you are better to start lower add increase if you need it.

"this states 1.5 grains equates to 37.5 mcg of T3 "OR" 150mcg of T4" - not AND

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ARRRRGHHHH my brain cant cope!

im just going to do what you say and stop trying to work it out....ill probably understand it when im on the correct dose AS MY BRAIN WILL THEN FUNCTION!! xx


and thank you xx


you're welcome

Poor brain function is the pits lol


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