My TSH is 3.3 (035 . 4.94)

Can anyone tell me if I would probably feel better and stop loosing my hair if I was prescribed some thyroid treatment?

I have gained about 2 stone over the past 18 months even though my diet as not changed," if any thing I eat a lot less now than I ever did". I am growing a lot of facial hair and my skin is dry and itchy all the time, I feel really tired all the time and have no energy for anything. I am 67 seven years old and have so little confidence I don`t go out and socialise any more. I am feeling so down today.

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  • It would be worth finding out where your TSH naturally sits - ask for copies of previous blood tests form your doctors receptionist. For me, it's 1, and I've been all the way to 11 this year - it's awful x

  • Thank you for replying, my previous TSH level was 3.7mU/L (0.35 - 4.94).my GP says that this is fine and I don`t need medication, my vit D level was a little low, 47nmol/L so he has prescribed some vit D suppliment. x

  • I think you should persuade your doctor to test your T4 and T3. These would give a much clearer idea as to what is happening, although you sound as though you would benefit from some medication. Write down all your symptoms and show him the list. Ask for an explanation as to why you have them, if you are supposed to be normal. If he will not do the tests, you can have them done privately. Thyroid Uk has details. Either way, post again here with all results and reference ranges and someone will comment. Good luck!

  • Thank you for your reply, I have had a full thyroid test, FT416.0pmol/L(9.0 - 19.1 FT3 4.63 (3.6 - 6.5)

    Folate 11.0 (1.8 -18.3) Ferritin215.9 (10.0 - 204.0 Antibody 5kU/L (5.6) Vit D2 and D3 level 47 nmol/L Again my GP assures me that the tests are fine, except for vit D for which he has prescribed a supplement. I am so depressed because I feel so lost as to what to do next, if my hair keeps falling out at this rate I am going to be bald within the year,and this dry itchy skin is driving me crazy.

  • Did you have B 12 tested when you had the folate done? Other than that I am mystified as nothing leaps out. Your TSH is quite high in relation to your T3/4 results but nothing too startling. Sorry, I have no idea. Perhaps someone else will spot something. Do wish I could help. As partiallythere says, it may help for previous blood tests to be obtained and posted to see how things have changed.

  • Hi Hennerton, Thank you for your input, yes my B12 lavel is fine according to my GP, ( 735ng/L (187.0 - 883.0) and I do think he is concerned but puzzled as to my symptoms and why my hair is falling out at such an alarming rate, I am eating so little to try and avoid putting on more weight but it just isn`t working. He has advised me to start eating normally again, said it could be lack of protein that is affecting my hair loss and itchy skin.

  • Hi Hennerton, Thank you for your input, yes my B12 is 735 (187.0 - 883.0) my GP says this is fine and is concerned and puzzled as to why I am losing my hair at such an alarming rate. I am eating so little to try and keep my weight under control but it just isn`t working, he as advised me to start eating normally again, thinks it may be a lack of protein

    adding to the problem of hair loss.

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