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Blood test results

Pre-op blood test results 9/10/2013 for my hopefully soon to be gall bladder operation.

I have Graves Disease, Hashimotos, and TED and many more illnesses

Now on Levo 50mcg and T3 10mcg

TSH 2.9. Range 0.20-4.00.

Albumin. 43. 35-50

Alk Phosphatase. 254. 70-300


Sodium. 142. 133-146

Potassium. * 5.6. 3.5-5.3

Creatinine. 72. 49-90

Urea. 6.0. 2.5-7.8

eGFR. 71. mL/min/1.73m2

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Your TSH seems rather high in range. How are you feeling? Are you feeling optimally replaced? Some people do feel best with a relatively high TSH but most people on thyroid medication feel well only when their TSH it toward the bottom of the range. Ultimately, as far as your thyroid is concerned, how you feel is a much better indicator than the TSH test, which was never designed to be used without T4 and T3 tests. If you are still feeling hypothyroid you may need a higher dose of either your levo, your T3 or both.

All your other results seem ok, from what little I know of these tests, except your potassium. This is something you need to discuss with your doctor.

I don't know about eGFR so hopefully someone will be along later to help with this.

Carolyn x


Thank you so much, my TSH was much higher than is has been on previous blood tests. I'm having to take lots of rest, luckily I'm retired, I'm doing a lot better now I have my T3 but I'm still very moody and lose my temper very easily, I've taken to staying indoors and keeping my big gob shut!!!! And not expecting anything from save on HUGE disappointments....yep I'm back in my shell ....where people including family same to think I'm better off!!!!!! Xxxx


It sounds like you might need a higher dose then. It is not unusual to need to change dose from time to time. If you are that tired it suggests you are not getting enough thyroid hormones. It might be worth asking your doctor if you could increase your T3 to 20mcg.


your potassium is high and needs attention from your doctor, that really needs attention, this is one of those things (potassium is) that really it should always be in the range stated and/OR closely monitored by your doctors.