Latest bloods result - what does it mean?

Hi all, I have my latest thyroid blood results & wanted to see if anyone could shed some light on them?

I was diagnosed as hypo last November, 2012. In August 2013 I went & saw dr skinner in Birmingham, who is amazing and wanted to increase my dose. I asked for Armour and he, almost reluctantly, gave it to me . I'm now on 25mg levothyroxine and 2 grains of Armour. Initially I started to feel good but went back down. Anyhoo, I've been on the armour for almost 2 months (gradually increased to 2, soon to be 3 grains.) my latest results are;


Serum free T3 level 5.6 pmol/L

(3.50 - 6.50pmol/L)

Serum free T4 level 16.1 pmol/L (10.30 - 22.70pmol/L)

Serum TSH level <0.03 mu/L

(0.35 - 5.50mu/L)

My previous bloods were;


Serum TSH level 6.71

T4 10.4


TSH level 2.97

Any advice would be great

Thanks for reading!



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  • Hi Sarah

    Can you also put the ranges of your blood tests (the figures are in brackets) as labs differ throughout the country and it will help members to comment.

  • Thank you, yes, I've added them now.

  • Bumping up as I've had no replies. Hoping someone has some wise words. Xxx

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