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First Bloods taken with Blue Horizon - easy... peasy!!

Hi there, just to say i called Blue Horizon on Friday to work out what blood tests to take for my hypothyroidism because in typical fashion my GP has just requested TSH level, even though i was diagnosed last year with low Vit D as well. Anyway i just want to thank Thyroid UK for making this process of taking bloods with Blue Horizon so effortless and i'm looking forward to receiving my Medical Passport back from them in time for my appointment with GP next Wednesday. Thank you Thyroid UK, you're doing a great job for all of us!!!!

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Thanks for the feedback....I was just considering doing the same.


How do I go about getting a blue horizon blood test, I was recently told i had low B12 and folic acid from a blood test( I had requested after reading other peoples messages on thyroid uk) at my GPs who then posted me a leaflet on what to eat! I'm a chef and eat well, I'm so tired of being tired, having pains and stiffness all over my body to the extent were i can't move my head of lift my arms some days, sore flakey eyelids, bloating,weight gain.Sorry everyone needed to get that off my chest.


Wend, have a look at this link, navigate down each heading on the left hand side for loads more information:


And consider seeing another doctor, one who is aware of the seriousness of this condition, and one who realises that dietary deficiency of B12 is rare, usually only found in long standing vegans, or possibly vegetarians who don't each much in the way of dairy products.



Thank you hampster 1, What a brilliant site, its really very interesting, you never know one day I might get to the bottom of what the hell is wrong with me! some times you do start to get really disheartened and wonder if its just you! because I don't know anyone else with under active thyroid and no one understands how terrible you feel at times and so you just feel totally alone. i'm so glad I found this web site with such nice and helpful people on it who do understand.It does help. I'm learning a lot on here. thanks again.


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