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NK Support Group Meeting today - The Cricketers, Meopham at 11 am CANCELLED

I hate to do this but everyone is dropping like flies with illness etc. I have only 2 of us left for the meeting and I think it will be best that we re-schedule. There wont be much use in a support group if not a good selection of people attending.

Can people let me know what date would suit them best over the next couple of weeks?

Many thanks


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Please try to all come next time. Sufferers find it really helpful to hear other peoples stories and know there is a way out of it all.


Hi Susan, I am so sorry I couldn't come today. I've been trying to get to one of these meetings for months - I couldn't make the Bluewater meeting and the last couple have been cancelled. I would love to meet up with some fellow thyroid sufferers, it's just typical that I had to be ill today :(

As far as future dates are concerned, Thursdays and Fridays are best for me - I could make either of those days over the next few weeks.

I'm assuming other people have got in touch via private message as I seem to have been the only person replying to your posts! It would be really good to know others who are fairly local for swapping stories etc. The updates to this website mean that you can no longer see which other members live near you and also I would've missed many of the posts had I not been actively looking for them.

Thank you for taking the time (and stress probably!) to arrange these meetings. Hopefully we will sort something out in the end!

Nicola x

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Sorry that you had to cancel Susan. :(




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