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What to ask for on Blue Horizon blood tests and has anyone done the gene test yet

Hi there, you lovely people. Once again been given a blood test form by my GP which is just testing for TSH, even though she knows i'm on 10mg of T3 and i'm low in Vit D and take supplements. So before i go to her i think i'm going to get my own bloods done at Blue Horizon, but i'm not sure which 'batch' to go for, so any advice gratefully received. I'm also contemplating taking the Gene test. Has anyone out there done the same and is it a definitive test to confirm whether you should be on T4 or T3?

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Hi Karen

Some people have had the Gene test - it is not a definite answer, but may give you part of the puzzle.

We normally suggest that people have the full thyroid profile done. :)

I would also suggest B12, if you haven't had it done already..




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