Scottish Parliament Petition - Round Table Discussion - 1st October 2013

Scottish Parliament Petition - Round Table Discussion - 1st October 2013

Lyn Mynott - Chair/CEO of Thyroid UK - is currently in Edinburgh preparing for tomorrow's Round Table Discussion.

Attending the meeting will be:

Michael Matheson, Minister for Public Health,

Professor Graham Leese, CMO Specialty Adviser for Endocrinology,

Mark O’Donnell, Head of Quality and Planning Division,

Lesley Metcalf, Policy Manager, Clinical Priorities Team, Scottish Government

Sandra Whyte, Marian Dyer, and Lorraine Cleaver, Petitioners

Tara Wilmott, Head of Approvals, Education and Standards Directorate, General Medical Council

Dr Anthony Toft, Consultant Physician, Spire Murrayfield Hospital, Edinburgh

Lyn Mynott, Chair/Chief Executive, Thyroid UK

Professor Graham Williams, President, British Thyroid Association and Treasurer, Society for Endocrinology

I'm sure everyone will join me in wishing Lyn, Sandra, Marian & Lorraine all the best for the meeting.

More information can be found here:

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  • We can't thank these ladies enough for all they are doing. Fingers and toes tightly crossed for a really positive outcome!

  • Yes, I'd like to say thanks. An amazing thing you ladies are doing.

  • Thanks Lyn, Lorraine, Sandra and and Marian for your involvement with these influential people. Let's hope some of it will rub off on the Westminster Government. Jane x

  • The meeting can also be watched LIVE at 10 am Tues morning (tommorow) here:

    I do hope that Type 2 Hypothyroidism/THR (thyroid hormone resistance at a cellular level), EU Hypometabolism will be predominantly discussed. Many of us have this whilst NOT having the DI02 gene and are therefore denied treatment as we are suffering thyroid disease IN THE BODY, not the thyroid gland!

    I would also hope that there is less concentration on the shortage of T3 as this is a side issue and this would take the discussion away from the REAL issues, ie the RCP stance, the TSH reliance, why the TSH ref range is so broad in comparison to other countries, and ignoring the fT3 test whilst taking T3 or NDT etc etc.

    For example, my endo is reducing my T3 so that my TSH is in range even though my fT3 is at the bottom of the range. Now this is just madness! Many of us who take T3 or NDT are in constant battles with our endos/GPs because they will NOT take the current science into consideration. I have sent him PROOF and enough science to counteract his argument and yet he is forced to ignore this. He is aware that I am right but is afraid of his superiors. He has to attend ACB Multi-disciplinary meetings every week where his patients are discussed. He is then instructed to reduce their TH so that their TSH is in range. It is out of his hands! I hope this will also be brought up in the meeting. The fact that endos and GPs are running scared of being reported by their colleagues to the GMC is scandalous.

    Also, there are vested interests as those who produce the guidelines are sponsored by pharmaceutical companies, viz the British Thyroid Association

    I could go on but will leave it to Lyn and the petitioners who will be representing us tomorrow.

    Good luck... and knock 'em dead!

    Silky x

  • Thanks for the link Silky! :)

    People can also get free tickets to go and watch!



  • Louise what time are they on? Is it 10am? If I was to ride shotgun with hubby tomorrow I wouldn't be able to get there until about 12pm, shame as I would love to go.

  • Hi Sue 10am I think..

  • Good luck to everyone taking part tomorrow. Can't wait for the outcome and thank you to everyone who has made this happen, especially three very brave and determined thyroid sufferers.

  • Good Luck ladies and a big THANK YOU for all you are doing. x

  • Good luck from me too and a huge thanks for all their hard work and perseverance.

  • Excited!!! I hope you all manage to sleep well tonight. Thank you all :-)

  • Ditto to all of the above, and good luck from me also. Were all behind you willing you on and wishing you success.

  • I am going along to observe - think I may need a supply of strong staples for my mouth...given who's going as the opposition, I am filled with foreboding.

    All your positive vibes needed, folks, beam them along, please!

  • I am now wondering which one of the audience was you?! ;) lol!

  • Hello everyone,

    Yes, I support the brave ladies who are "putting their heads in the lion's mouth" today. I would have attended the meeting myself, but a combination of a partly ruptured Achilles tendon and incompetent treatment (i.e. unnecessary cast on the leg which badly bruised my foot and left me with no feeling in parts of it) prevented me. I've done my best to present a written summary of what I would have said, and the ladies have been given a copy to refer to, so I hope they'll have the ammunition to defend adequately. My colleagues are also supportive to a man/woman. You'd be surprised at the large number of eminent medics who don't believe the naive "TSH is all" paradigm. It is only inertia and the reluctance of the "great and good" to admit they have been wrong for 20 + years that's holding things back. Oh, plus the thyroid antediluvians in the States of course.

  • Here's hoping that 'antediluvianism' has not become an incurable disease!

    Here's the link to Dr Midgely's (Diogenes) paper

  • Thanks for the heads-up, do hope for further success for them with this committee at Scottish Parliament. Meanwhile, Dr. Skinner's next Fitness to Practice hearing is just days away in Manchester and letters of support as well as patients attending are both welcome and needed. Blessings & good luck to him!

  • PS - Thanks to Mary F for Dr S hearing info: confirmation of Dr Skinner’s IOP on Monday 7th October 2013 at 9.30am at the MPTS, St James’s Buildings, 79, Oxford Street, Manchester, M1 6FQ. Dr Skinner has asked this to be a public IOP so patients will be allowed in as always. Please try and get as many people to write to the GMC and attend as possible. Please ask everyone to copy me in on

    Ms Lucy Galbraith,

    Investigation Officer,

    Fitness to Practise Directorate,

    3 Hardman Street,


    M3 3AW


    Dr Skinner’s case number is: LG/C1-462487326

  • Hi I have forwarded an email to Ms Galbraith and a BCC to yourself :-)



  • Hopefully it didn't get put into room one oh one ;)

  • LMAO


  • Have turned it on - some empty chairs so far - good luck ladies !

  • I wasn't able to watch this live. Can anyone tell me if we can look at it after please. I had a look at the link but couldn't find anything?



  • Hi Mary

    They loaded up a recording last time after a while. Once we have the link we will let you know.

    Lyn Mynott will also do a report - watch this space....

    The committee agreed to take it forward anyway, so that's positive.



  • Thanks!

  • Anyone know how it went?

  • Hi Tegz - see above... :)


  • Hope it went well - well done to all of those involved and looking forward to seeing an update. xx

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