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Conference at Royal Infirmary Edinburgh on Thyroid Disorders 5th October 12.30 -5.30 contact Margaret McGregor

Organised by local BTF group , speakers 1 Prof M Strachan Introduction to thyroid gland and all the things that can go wrong with it, 2 Mr C Shearing Blood tests and what they mean. Dr F Gibb Treatments for thyroid disorders including T4 alone, combined T4/T3 and Armour Thyroid 3. Dr E Halloran Thyroid disorders and psychological problems 4 Dr N Zammitt Graves & Thyroid eye disease

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Thank you. Does anyone know anything about Dr. F. Gibb and his views on each of the treatments he's talking about? Jane x


I saw hi.m last and he was supportive of my T4 /T3

combination which had been prescribed by Dr Toft 7 years ago,It was only doing a review


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