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the drs will see there is a problem now

as you know ive been over the drs a lot lately with my breathing and heart rate and every time i go my stats are good i feel like such a hypochondriac allways complaining and feel that when i go they sit there and think 'oh god its her again'

well today i have decided im taking photos of low oxygen and high or low heart rate

so far i have

oxygen level at 93

heart rate 92

heart rate 107.........i allso recorded that one so they can see how it goes from high to normal

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Hi Mandy hope things improve soon. Just to say tho you probably know this but with the home type oximeter it's really only a very loose guide and can be very inaccurate,don't forget that... Finger must be completely dry and non greasy sweaty etc.also finger must be warm.and the light is very very important for anything like accuracy,cover it and make sure it is in shade/dark. When I first used mine I kept checking it too much,variations in readings is normal.try not to worry too much.if its got the pulse pressure gauge on it,this must be steady for anything like an accurate number,if that irratic it could well be incorrect readings due to the above things.


Thankyou Cupi i feel when my heart races and slows down so use it as a guid really but constantly checking my oxygen as breathing is very hard.....been thinking about anxiety and i dont believe its that as its happening the entire time im awake and then when im trying to sleep i feel my breathing slow down to allmost stopping which scares me of trying to sleep if that makes sense


Has your GP not suggested a 24hr heart monitor yet and if not why not.

Moggie x


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