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Has anyone heard of Apathetic Thyrotoxicosis? Is the treatment for AT different than for Graves?

I have been doing some reading, and came across some information about 'Apathetic Thyrotoxicosis'. I have been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, bit I don't have the normal syptoms (e.g. the hyperactvity). In fact, I am normally fatigued, low mood etc. This matches the AT descriptions I have been reading. I don't remember any doctors mentioning this. I am wondering whether I should be having any different treatment, or test to confirm this. Or whether this will be covered by the medication for graves that I am already on...?

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Heard of it? Yes. Know anything about it? No.

Have a read here (right in the first couple of paragraphs):

And at the link below, the somewhat paradoxical-sounding apathetic (thyroid) storm:

Those links become quite heavy reading, but oddities like the apathetic forms are not widely mentioned or understood.

Hope some of that helps.



Thanks Rod. Those articles have much of the same information that I had read online. However - this sentence is particularly clear.

"Once the diagnosis is considered, standard laboratory tests should confirm or deny the presence of thyrotoxicosis even in the absence of classical symptoms and signs"

From this, I would assume that although my hyperthyroidism is apathetic, it is still hyperthyroidism, and therefore would be treated in the same why - regardless of the apathetic side of it. I will check with GP/endocrine specialist (whoever I see next), but seems like an appropriate answer for now.




If it has been of any help, I am happy. Wish you all the best in your journey.

The only bit of advice I have got is to carry on reading, learning and understanding. You are 100% certain to come across people who know nothing. Always have the means of showing how much you understand. You will become the expert in almost any situation because no-one else knows anything.



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