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Thyroid Antibodies Level


I have just found out my thyroid antibodies level from when I was first diagnosed hypo in February 2011

I was told at the time they were normal, I read something that if T4 is at low end of range it could be to do with having antibodies, as my T4 is 12 range 7.8 - 21 I thought I would ask for the figures, they are

58 range 0 - 75

Can anyone comment on this please.

Many thanks browny

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It may be normal for someone without thyroid issues- but with them, it matters-as much higher levels could be Hashis building.

Worth keeping an eye on- hopefully you'll get further comment, but they can be in the thousands.

What was last TSH?



When I was first diagnosed TSH was 8.9 (Range 0.5 - 4.5) T4 10 (Range 10 - 22)

Last TSH was 0.25 (Range 0.35 - 4.7) T4 12 (Range 7.8 - 21) whilst on 100mcg levo

Note ranges have changed although same lab was used

Regards browny


If you're feeling OK- I'd skate along at that.

Higher doses may bequile- but there's always a price when the body is fixed from outside.


Endo said I can go up to 150mcg as I am still getting symptoms,

But I am trying 125mcg first to see how I go.

Best Wishes browny


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