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Blood results

Went to my GP and asked receptionist for my results. She said she will write it down and give it to me as it is only a two lines. I insisted for the print out. She relented and gave me reluctantly.

This are the results

6/9/13 Serum TSH=1.62 m U/L

6/9/13 Thyroid function test= Patient is on thyroxine:reference ranges may not apply

Consistent with adequate thyroxine.

Can anyone explain this for me please, sorry for my ignorance....

I have been on 100mcg for the past 2months. Went for my repeat prescription and was given 50mcg. Just to let you know that the endo increased my dose and not gp, when i questioned this was told that i need a medication review so i had to make an appointment for Wednesday.

I have been feeling a bit better and afraid will go downhill. On the upside, i have a endo appointment end of this month and i am due for another blood test soon. I also had a thyroid scan so fingers crossed will get more details from the endo.

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I'd have to say that I'd be confused by the comment on thyroid function T.

There's more than a few that might argue that stock reference ranges are highly questionable - but whatever way you interpret the result the starting point is surely the blood values.

Perhaps there's something untypical about your situation. Or might it be motivated by a simple reluctance to share the information?



Hi Ian,

Sorry for the late reply.I am confused as i expected to get the ranges so i could post here.

I will question my G.P on Wednesday. I hope my next blood test which is due soon will be more detailed.


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