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I have had an under active thyroid for many years now & take 50 mcg Levothyroxine daily. I get my bloods checked yearly, & only ever get told that the results are normal. No discussions about the levels etc. My Irish GP used to discuss & explain everything in great detail. I also have Osteporosis which I take Calichchew D3 daily. Pernicious anaemia, which I was having B12 injections every 3 months. This they stopped about 2 years ago & said I was now ok. This has puzzled me. My late mother & sister both have/had this condition & were given B 12 long term. I am also overweight & have done the walking to try & shift the kgs, but, now both my knees have given up the ghost & need fixing/replacing. I eat good nutritious food daily, and avoid junk food 99% of the time. Drink plenty of water & eat lots of

fruit & vegetables daily.

I am having my bloods checked this week, & have now decided to ask for the actual results to see what they really are.

I need to get this sorted sooner rather than later.

Is there anyone on here who can give the answer to my posed question??

Many thanks for reading my post.


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It may be better to just post your old results if you have/can get them and await the new-

then comment will be more forthcoming and pointed.

'Normal' is a too broad brush for UK blood tests and people also vary in illness symptoms and meds reactions.

There's a lot of tips on here, too if you hunt around.


Hi Ask the receptionist for a print out with ranges, this is not data protection but your right , as your blood. Be sure to have the range as they differ. Also when having blood taken ask the phlebotomist, exactly what they are doing, then , they have to tell you and it is assault if they do not!

B12 is normally for life, the GP may say "normal" when it is too low in range for you, especially with thyroid disease

Regarding the T4 and Free T3, a lot depends on how you feel but normally we need the T4 in top third of range and FT3 near the top. GP`s and some Endo`s will not give you T3 on a script with the T4 unless your TSH is in range. T3 does slightly lower the TSH more importantly it helps all the symptoms ,especially weight. If you do have it, start on a tiny dose, less than the script and slowly build it up to the script dose, split it and take about 12 hours apart.Never take any thyroid meds or Beta Blockers on the morning of the test until afterwards.If your levels are too low you will not loose weight what ever you do.I expect the Osteoporosis is Osteopoenia ( cannot spell it) You will need another DEX scan in 3-5 years, you may have to chase the GP When it is full blown Osteoporosis you have to take a special drug, there ar a variety to stop it getting worse. Regarding the vits you are taking for it. I would be sure to have an annual calcium test for the corrected calcium as it must not go over range. Also important to have a vit D test, vit D is hormonal, repeated too., effects the thyroid and needs to be well in range.

Not very clear, if needed you are often better on T4 ( thyroxine ) and T3. It depends on how high the T4 is and how you feel. The body is meant to convert the T4 to all the FT3 it needs, but often does`nt, hence the T3 in addition to T4.

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