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Do I need treatment

Went to doc feeling tired, down, irritable and unable to lose weight. I have had my thyroid tested 4-5 times over the years at doctors request but was always told levels were fine. So when doc suggested it this time I thought it was pointless but went ahead. Recently rang for the results and was told I could potentially develop hypothyroid and should be retested in 3 months. My TSH levels were 18.4. Should I go back to doctor and ask to be retested sooner or ask for treatment as I don't think I could bare this for another 3 months.

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Well I can only say what I would and what I have learnt from sites like this and others. ALWAYS get a hard copy of your blood results, they are your results and you are entitled to them. Keep them in a file and take them with to every doctor appointment. You can post your results on the QUESTIONS part of this site and people will review them for you. Did you get a T4 or T3 result? Normally they do TSH and T4. You also need the ranges, when you get a copy of the results as the number on its own sort of means nothing. Saying that if I had a TSH of 18.4 and was left untreated I would seriously question the GP's reasoning. I would head back to GP and talk through the results and as you are already experiencing symptoms I would want a trial of medication to see if that helped.

Obviously not I am not a doctor just a fellow suffer who hope you get the help you need.

You could repost this in the Questions section and you may get more help.


Thank you. I think I'll make another appointment to discuss it and have it explained a but further. I'll get a hard copy of the blood results while I'm there.


If your TSH levels are 18.4, then you are hypothyroid.


Yes your tsh is high and I wonder why the doctor hasn't started treating you yet. The same thing happened to me - same TSH of 18 but doctor didn't want to treat me as my fT4 and fT3 were just inside the bottom of the range. This could be the Sam for you - can you check as I would expect the lab to have done your fT4 as your TSH was out of range.

It turned out for me that I did need treatment as it seems I need my fT3 and fT4 in the top part of the ranges to feel well. I am feeling so much better now :) Please post any other results on here when you get them. Xx


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