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A 'MIRACLE' supplement to help fatigue'

Just wanted to share with all those who read these blogs and suffer from fatigue. I was recommended to take a supplement ASHWAGANDHA for my extreme fatigue. It comes from the root of a tree in the himalayas. I started taking it 3 weeks ago, and since then my energy levels have virtually returned to normal. I got the supplement on line in the powdered form, and mix a teaspoon in my porridge in the morning to hide the taste. My niece who also suffers from fatigue (she also has hypo) takes the tablet form from the chemist each day, and she reported that her energy levels have also greatly improved.

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I been using ashwagandha for adrenals for a while. It certainly seems to help. I use the powder (from Indigo herbs, but lots of places stock it). It's related to tomatoes and potatoes, so if you are allergic to nightshades, you shouldn't take it.

This a good article about it:


Thank you for sharing! I will definitely look into this.

All the best



Thanks for this info -I haven't heard of it before. I have had a slump recently and have put it down to B12 absorption issues -I started taking b12 a year ago and on 1000mcg daily it made a huge difference -my digestive tract settled down and my energy levels returned. Recently I have lost this energy again and my digestive tract issues have returned, weight gain once more so I have increased my b12 supplement (under my tongue) to see if that will help -I certainly feel a bit better after a weeks or so but it rakes about 8 weeks to get the full effects. Poor absorption of b12 is common in hypothyroidism and in women post 50yrs.


I am also over the 50s mark, and a vegetarian, so since being diagnosed with lupus, hypothyroidism and arthritis in the last 6 months I have had to change my diet, and I have start taking b6, b12, and a few other supplements, but I have noticed the greatest change after I started taking ashwaganha. Wish you the best of luck with your energy levels. Low energy makes you feel like you don't have a life anymore, and thats why I wanted to share with everyone how good it made me feel


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