Hints and Tips for Posting

Firstly - this thread is NOT open to any comments, all comments will be removed - thank you.

1) Read the 'Posting Guidelines' before posting for the first time:


2) Look on the main Thyroid UK website for helpful information before posting:


3) Search for previous threads to see if your topic has already been covered. You can also look through the topics to the right of the screen.

4) Use a meaningful title for your thread - 'TSH of 154, but no diagnosis' will stand out and get a much better response than 'Help', 'Advise please' or 'Test Results'.

5) In order to be understood by most people, as far as possible, use correct spelling, grammar and avoid using slang and/or 'text speak'.

6) Keep the use of capital letters to a minimum. They are generally considered to be shouting; they are more difficult to read; they take up too much screen space and using them in headings will not make it more likely that your Post will be read.

7) Try to keep threads as 'on-topic' as possible, particularly if it was started by another member. If you want to talk about something else, you can always start a new thread.

8) Be aware that 'tone' can be extremely difficult to judge, so think before you post or reply. The use of 'smilies' can help :)

9) Please don't swear. If you are really cross about something, the use of **** can get the message across just as effectively. Although ****ing at another member is not acceptable.

Thanks for your time.

Reminder - this thread is NOT open to any comments, all comments will be removed - thank you.

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  • Lyn and Louise, I'm spring cleaning posts off unanswered as I don't want to delete them.

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