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When to take vitamins with Levo


I feel so very lucky, as I have had such a sympathetic doctor. I am only just over borderline under active, according to blood tests but my doctor looked at all my symptoms and realised this was more of a problem than the blood tests showed. I've gone from being a marathon runner to barely able to run 5k (actually barely able to walk the dog or keep awake), all the classic symptoms tiredness beyond belief, aching muscles, brain fog, low temp, carpal tunnel - you name it I had it. This was a gradual build up but just got so bad a few months ago I went to the doctors. I must confess that up until then, I'd never even heard of an under active thyroid and assumed I had a virus. Of course, now I have read about the illness, I realise this has been coming on for quite some time, I just was always prepared to find an excuse for how I felt (marathon training, stress at work etc). Long and short is I started on 50mg of Levothyroxine and already feel benefits. Absolutely less tired, thankfully less brain fog and feel more alert, so I really feel I am on the right track (again I feel very lucky with this after reading some of your posts). Hope the muscle aches start to improve soon - at the moment I feel like I ran a marathon yesterday judging by the aches in my body.

My B12 levels were a bit low - not low enough that I needed injections but enough that I needed a supplement.

Now I am wondering when I should take all this.

At the moment I am taking Levo first thing and the other supplements in the evening (also take fish oils, glucosomine, magnesium and zinc). Is this okay? Are there some things I shouldn't take together etc. Didn't get much advice on this and I am worried I'll start to counteract effect if I mix things.

Thanks for any advice.

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Maybe the ex-marathon staus impressed the doc- not everyone can do them ;)

Glad you made good headway. There's a lot of advice available on here- which hopefully will come.

I'm on Levo and had a few side effects as you and on half your dose. Length of time with UAT affects recovery, I think- and your early diagnosis is a plus.

On the vitamin front I do know the basics.

You need good Iron stores [ferritin] B12 upper range plus minerals Zinc [usually taken with some small copper as they are antagonistic]. Selenium [I use 2 Brazils daily- safe and effective]. Some of these are more important for t4 conversion- many get on better with the more readily usable T3- but that is harder to get on.

A multivitamin daily with full B's will help balance up the B12 too.

NB Iron and Calcium [inc. foods] not 4 hrs either side of T4 as affects uptakes.

You may find you go up and down mood and energywise on T4- but having the nutrition right will definitely help this.

Don't forget to get vitamin and mineral status checked when possible and keep GP informed of what you take. Magnesium is good to take- but watch Calcium levels as they work together.

Hope this helps.


Thank you tegz, that is very useful for me to know too. :-) :-) Alison


Supplements should be taken four hours apart from levothyroxine.


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