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Hi, I recently went to the Dr. about a lump on my thyroid. I have been told blood tests are outside the ranges but are NORMAL??

I have had a large lump on my thyroid for 5-6 months and ignored it but it is affecting my breathing so I went to get it checked out. I had my blood results back and was told they were outside the ranges but are still normal. I am not sure how it can be outside the ranges and still be normal? Is there such a thing? The nurse who told me the results couldn't give me the range they test by when asked and didn't even have my details up when I started asking questions she was unprepared. I told her I was 6 weeks pregnant and she said that is why my thyroid is swollen until I told her I have had the lump for 5-6 months. I am awaiting my scan date on my thyroid. But am I worrying for nothing or should I be concerned?

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Hi Congrats on pregnancy, all this should not effect baby. Nodules are common with thyroid disease, however you do need an ultra sound and any nodules biopsied, fine needle , under another untra sound by a radiologist. Thee is a fairly common condition linking pregnancy and thyroid disease, however, I do not know but think this might be too early to be a connection. Make sure who ever is looking after the pregnancy is aware of this, it is the effect on you ,not baby that matters. Doctors often say bloods are normal when they mean a little out and does not matter, that is what they think!!! If having thyroid problems eg the "lump", swelling ,not unusual. Then ask for a TSH, T4 and free T3 blood test. Then ask the receptionist for a print out + ranges, you are entitled to it, simply because your blood. Always do this for any blood tests and keep., also always ask which bloods are being done, at point of being taking. This is a legal matter and they must by law tell you what they are doing, if it is in my best interests, I do often refuse certain tests eg when in hospital. Then you can decide what to do, at the very least consult with the "baby" people.I honestly do not think you need to worry but you do need the correct treatment or you will find life hard for you given the circumstances. If GP difficult with bloods you can get then done on line, be sure to pick a reliable company,see TUK site.

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Thyroid function changes in early pregnancy so it is possible for your results to be outside the ranges but "normal" for your situation.


Could you explain in more detail please what you mean.

Moggie x


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