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How do you help stop the Antibodies

I have had a thyroid problem for 4/5 years now and only through this site found I have hashi's. I had a Blue Horizon test back in Feb and the result was 427.6. Other tests showed I was low in Vits etc and I have spent the last 6 months getting these levels back up.

A couple of months ago I posted on here as I had an eye inflammation which I was concerned was TED. I was told it wasn't, which was a relief and was given steroid eye drops to take for three weeks and the eye went back to normal. About three weeks later it happened again and I have been on the same eye drops for about 2 weeks. I saw the consultant at the clinic yesterday, who again confirmed it was not TED as there was no swelling at the back of the eye. He did however, say it was probably the antibodies causing it as they attack facial tissue as well as other parts of the body and now its happened its likely to keep reoccurring. I am having problems with my gums at the moment and he thinks that is probably also the antibodies. Off to the dentist tomorrow!

All the medications seem to just treat the damage the antibodies cause eg Levo, eye drops. I know mine aren't particularly high but is there anything I can do to lower them in the hope they stop damaging me?

I am starting by giving up smoking tomorrow and know this will affect my TSH level as it did before which made me start again. However, that was before I knew this site existed and knew what was happening!

Thanks to all.


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Hi Tracey

This must be very frustrating for you, and I completely understand your wish to reduce the antibodies. In my experience the medical profession in the UK pays little attention to lowering the antibodies and simply accepts that eventually they destroy your thyroid. This always seemed an alien approach to me and I've read widely on the subject to see what can be done.Lately I've been following the advice of an American doctor called Dr Alexander Haskell on his website and in his book Hope for Hashimoto's. He sets out a method by which you can reduce antibodies, and I'm trying it.

Initially it involves getting your levothyroxine dose optimised, and then introducing supplements, such as seleniuim, and cutting out gluten. Since I started his regime I've felt the best I've been for about 4 years - so even if the antibodies don't reduce I've still got him to thank for this. When I started this way of living my antibodies were 478.8 IU/mL (0.00 – 5.61) and 2 months later were 462.42 IU/mL (0.00 – 5.61) - a small fall, but the first since I was diagnosed.I'm going to get them retested by the end of this year - when it will be 12 months since I started, and of course I'm hoping for something more significant. I can't have the test on the NHS - my GP will only authorise it for the initial diagnosis - and have to pay for it, hence waiting a full year to restest. The other benefit has been weight loss since I cut the gluten - great for morale and well-being.

It would be interesting to know if your Consultant offered any advice about how to reduce the antibodies?

Best wishes


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Hi Mary,

Thank you for your reply, I found it fascinating and will certainly try it a bit later on, once I've cracked the no smoking. I don't know if I could give up the cigs and bread at the same time lol. My mum is a coeliac so I know how awful some of the substitutes are.

The consultant was the eye specialist and didn't say anything about it and I only thought about it on the way home, wondering why no-one was dealing with the cause and not the issues that occur.

I'm guessing its worth buying the book by Dr Haskell?

I am willing to try anything and like you have to pay for private BH tests for antibodies tests. I would like to have another test before I try anything else as it is nice to have a starting line to work from. My last one was back in Feb when I was feeling at my lowest and learnt all about vits which I have now got back up to normal levels and am feeling much better in myself.

I would be interested to know if that has affected the antibodies before I try the selenium and gluten free so I may fork out for it in the next week or two. Due to giving up smoking I know my levels will change but no-one seems to believe me, even the Endo I saw in May, so I want a test to prove that the TSH will go up and I start feeling worse.

I would love to know how you get on when you do get your next test please.

Thanks again



Hi Tracey

Like you I think it's worth trying anything to feel better. But it's all very personal and whilst I relate well to Dr Haskell and his methods and feel confidence in what he says, you may not. Before you buy his book can I suggest you look at his website where you'll find a series of video presentations about the condition and treatment. If you like what you see then maybe try the book - which goes further is describing the process to regain your health.

I agree you need a baseline to monitor against as you progress. I also wonder if your chances of being gluten intolerant are greater if your mum is a coeliac? And once you have one autoimmune condition it's generally felt that your chances of having others are increased.

I will definitely post my results when I get my next anttbody test done. Meanwhile good luck with giving up smoking and I hope to read before too long that you're experiencing some improvement.



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