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can I ask to be referred back to a hospital consultant?

can I ask to be referred back to a hospital consultant? I've lost confidence in my doctor to the degree were I don't want to go for my scheduled blood tests!!! I asked a question a while ago about understanding my blood tests and it was recommended that I talk to my doctor about checking my vitamin B12, folates, iron/ferritin and vitamin D. The doctor basically dismissed this even though I explained how I was feeling. I should have gone for repeat blood tests last week but haven't gone yet. I'm feeling like poo, aching all over, putting on weight, feeling tired, crappy memory, sometimes weepy(although that might be because my little girl is starting school) didn't have a period at all last year but they came back and where very heavy but have now stopped again since May. I've started to get heart burn nearly every night and yesterday I went for a walk with my family and besides aching from head to toe my fingers where swollen!!! everything seems to be such a huge effort at the moment.

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It would seem sensible to proceed with blood tests -as without them your GP won't be able to check progress for any onward referral you ask for.

I know how you feel about the way Drs treat us- but firm up and push on.

If you get on OK with the hospital Dr- go for that!

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HI there Trayday

It is very tough when you lose confidence in your GP. I am there, too. It is clear that you are not right. you are young enough to have a child starting school and feel so bad, that can't be good.

tegz is right, though - however you feel about your GP, now is not the time to miss blood tests. May I suggest that you have the blood test (whatever he is prepared to do) and then see you GP and ask for the referral, saying that whatever is happening you are still not right.

Also, when you have the results, get all the figures (including ranges) and put them on here. Then you can get some suggestions and advice where to go from there - while you are at it, put what you are taking now and the dosage.

Marie XX

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Hi, I had my results back and am surprised to be honest, the serum tsh level is 0.37 miu/l (0.20-6.00) this was the only blood test done. I still feel rubbish so don't understand why they have come back OK!!! I take 225 levothyroxine daily. The doctor has requested that I. Make an appointment with him which is on Friday so any advice would be appriciated.

Thank you



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