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Was taken down to 150 dose fro 200 thyro ine felt rubbish !!

thank god i aint krazy!! got a poorly sik laptop so haue to fill in a few gaps sorry! had regular blood test to be told i haue to take down fro 200 thyroine to 150 struggled for a year slowly feeling poorly went bak to a another dok to be told to go bak on 200 progress feels slow dont feel so tired but legs and feet n knees hurt reading your stories today really giues hope will keep reading and ask for the tests when haue other blood test in oktober thank you

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Hi dog, always try to see your test results and start educating yourself. I think the NHS is looking out for itself rather than the patient when it comes to thyroid disease. You have to become proactive. I like this website but other suggestions like Dr. Toft's booklet, etc. are very helpful.


thank you i will do i will be getting another test in sept so will see what they do at the uisit hopefully by then i will haue knowledge! just wouldnt bear to go bak down again i just dont fun tion proporly they say if its too high i will get endonetriosis not sure of the spelling plus i haue a dodgy laptop the keys gone lol so you haue to fill in the gaps sorry thanks again


Always get a copy of your blood tests from now on for your own records. If you have a question you have the blood test results to hand.

Unfortunately, dog, most of us have had to learn the hard way and source out information for ourselves. Many doctors, as one of yours appeared to do, prescribe due to your TSH result and not how you feel.

You have to read and find out as much as possible. The purpose is to have enough thyroid gland medication for us to feel well and more or less normal health but it does take time. We need the co-operation of doctors but some just do not know the best way to treat hypothyroid patients.

Ask your GP when you get your blood test form for a TSH, T4 and T3 (sometimes they only do a TSH). Also ask for a Vitamin B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate. The first two are usually deficient.


I definately will do thank you how naiue haue i been !! lol i read through the posts and realise how i feel is related to the thyroid !!! i lost 7 stone in 2010 when on the best dose of 200 i hauent put it all on but it does get to be a struggle so we will see how i get on now as you say it takes tine so will haue to be patient working is a shool kithen kills us though!!! lol


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