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Reader's Digest - Inaccurate and Misleading Article

Does anyone fancy writing to the Reader's Digest and putting them straight?

I recently came across an old-ish article I had been given by a relative - who had been telling me for years that I was a bit on the pudgy side because I must eat too much. In this article a Dr David Ashton of Healthier Weight answered the question "Is my thyroid making me gain weight?"

He basically said that in very few cases was underactive thyroid a reason for weight-gain!!!!

Regrettably I do not have a date on the article but I know that I blew a fuse when I read it and kept it so that I could raise my blood pressure from time to time by reading it again.

Should anyone, who is more erudite than I, wish to send off a reply I am willing to type up the article for reference.

...hypothyroidism does not cause weight gain...I ask you....bah!

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Hi, I wonder what the date was? Several years ago I wrote a letter to the RD following an article and it was published in the next issue as the star letter to my amazement. I was paid for writing it and I said in the letter that I would contribute any money (if my letter was published ) to Thyroid UK. I had to chase them for months for payment! I suggested at the time that they contact Lyn and write an article about thyroid disorders, but to my knowledge this has never happened.

Jane x


I wish I could find the reference but read that normal people burn 17 calories more per HOUR than hypothyroids and that is absent any real activity. Add that up day in and day out and you can see what a difference that is going to make.


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