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A Chance to Raise Awareness of Thyroid Disease

Hi everyone,

Tomorrow (August 24th) is International Story Day. This is a day when people all over the world collecting and submitting stories anonymously to a gigantic collection. This could be a chance to raise awareness of thyroid disease amongst the general public. If you like the idea, you can submit a story anonymously via the Strangers Project. Go to to see where your story will be published.

Note: They don't seem to have the submission link up at the moment, so I've set up an anonymous form on my blog here:

I'll copy the stories onto


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Hi Louise

Looking at the other submissions on the project, they all seem to be handwritten - I cannot seem to find information either way that online submissions will be accepted. The Strangers Project website is either very new or very glitch..! :) Please can you confirm that online submissions are ok. Thanks.

For anyone on Facebook, The Strangers Project have a page:

Please also bear in mind that Thyroid UK are always looking for stories for our website...




Hi Louise,

Thanks for replying and adding some info.

Many of the Strangers Project stories are typed up after they are submitted. Today, there are thousands of people like me who are collecting stories around the world. We will be adding the stories we collect to the site, so I will have a means of adding stories in due course.

I hope that makes it clearer.


Ahhh - you are an 'official' collecter - like the guy with the cardboard sign in the street..!? ;)

I could see that the stories were typed up as well - I had assumed that was to 'translate' the handwriting.

What I didn't see - during my albeit very quick look - was any that were NOT handwritten to begin with..!? Hence my query... :)





Yep, exactly!

Some on there are...they are harder to find now that they've changed the site!


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