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Where is history of ones past posts kept?

I searched Help for 'History'- nothing came up.

I surely can't be the first to wonder where to find my old posts furrther back than one day.

I would like to find old posts and my answers to them other than keep the emails that 'MAY' notify me 'IF' they're direct answers.

So much has to be repeated and much gets buried currently as no old post links.

Is this intentional- or am I missing something?

I've sent a query to HQ.

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If you click on your username in your post above, you will go to your profile where you will see your 'Activity' and tabs for your Questions and Posts.

At the moment your activity only shows a handful of the most recent replies and comments you've made to other people, but we are assured that this will change at some point to enable us to access more.


You need to go to your profile and then click 'View my public profile' at the top right of the page. You'll then see the headings for Activity, Questions and Posts.


Thanks ,both- I have flagged to Helpline that the amount on file shown there is totally inadequate for extended posts like ours.

They are working on it- but really a list of all our own comments would be helpful- and if too large a file to keep live we could have a 'Save' function which could keep a history file for us


I was also wondering where my past post are,as I needed some blood test I posted last year . Hope these can be resurfaced. X


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