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Genova blood test and Doctors reaction

I got the results of the Genova blood test that I paid for even though my Doctor tried to dissuade me and it proved that there was something wrong, the NHS tests say I am normal !! yet the private blood test says otherwise. I had a really bad confrontation with the Doctor who refuses to do anything further and neither will the endocrinology department at the hospital. I have reduced my medication considerably and feel a little better (so will probably have another argument when I ask for it to be adjusted on my records) I am up against a stone wall - where do I go from here as nobody in the health service is prepared to look beyond the narrow guidelines for this condition?

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Please list your results -as without them and ranges comment will be limited.

Are you under treatment for thyroid and have you asked for a second NHS opinion, or was that the Endo?

[My private tests deviated from NHS ones, not that much previous, too]


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