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I have normal thyroid results according to the doctors but have got back a urine test from Geneva diagnostics - help with result appreciated

This is what was on the report that I got back tonight.

Basically it shows my T3 is low and T4 level is fine. A conversion problem??

Free T3 is measured to be below the reference range, indicating functional thyroidism. FT3 measures the biologically active fraction of total T3, the majority of which is bound by protein carriers in the serum and is therefore inactive. T3 is 3 to 5 times as physiologically active as T4, and 80% of the circulating T3 is from the peripheral conversion of T4 predominately in the liver and kidney. Low FT3 in conjunction with a normal FT4 may indicate a peripheral hypothyroidism, and a relative shift away from T3 production and towards reverse T3 (RT3) production: an adaptive change designed to conserve energy expenditure. Decreased T3 production has been observed in states of severe calorie restriction, systemic infammatory conditions and or prolonged or severe stress. The enzyme necessary for the conversion of T4 into T3 (s'-deldinase) is selenium dependent. It can be impaired by a selenium deficiency or by the presence of the heavy metal selenium antagonists such as mercury, cadnium and lead.

I'm not quite sure what this report is saying - as I have said in previous questions I do have the symtoms of hypothyroid but the doctors say all is fine. Thyroid tests as far as they are concerned are all in range. Any help most appreciated. Thank you Ali

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Hi I would show the GP the results and try and get some T3 treatment. When I first started treatment many years ago, only my FT3 was low,( below range) no T3 available then. However, I had armour and did and do have Hashi with nodules and enlargement etc. Now it is easy as there is treatment with T4 ( thyroxine) and for those who need it T3 together. Normally FT3 needs to be at the top of range. It is very unlikely that the GP tested for it, now the NHS Labs will not normally do the FT3 test.

Best wishes,



Thanks Jackie for that info. Glad you are sorted now. Best wishes Ali


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