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Blood Results ???

Hi there,

Anyone any idea as to why my levothyroxine keeps being increased but my TSH is not getting better? Since April my tablets have been increased by 75mg a day but my TSH remains at 10.8, doctor had no answers today? I am being treated with weekly B12 injections due to a very low B12 which has caused nerve damage, is this a factor maybe?


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What dosage are you on?

All I know is that it can take up to 18 months or so to get the correct level for you.

Ann xx


Now I am on 125mg a day from 50mg a few months ago, had been on 50mg for a year or so before and it seemed fine, just seems a bit strange that I have had other stuff going on and it might be messing around with my levels?

Thank you for your reply :-)




Hi It could also be that your body is not converting enough T4 to Free T3, a common problem. To discover this you need to check T4 and free T3 test ( on line if GP cannot). If T4 well in range and FT3 very low in range ( needs to be near the top) then you need T4 ( thyroxine) and t3.

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