new site and still struggling- too much 'PAPERWORK'

i am still here but visit much less, there is too much 'paperwork' to fill in befpre i can get anywhere, and the old one was like being in a room with windows all around so you could look out and see all and eveything, all at once--- now its like being in one room with no windows, an dyou have to come out of the room to see one thing then go to th e next room to see another thing, i am frustrated that i cant see everything all at once, and on the right hand side was 'most populars and topics and recent postings,' i know i have missed an awful lot of info and peeps postings, i am just a lost soul, and it is a horrible feeling knowing that i may have missed plenty of vital info. sorry but i still dislike it intensly.

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  • I agree Pettals. I think it's worse than it was even 2 weeks ago too. Please send a comment to HU with your thoughts. It's very frustrating for us too as we can't do what we are supposed to be doing either, and I gather other communities feel the same.

    It's been set up with techies in mind not patients. Jane x

  • hi j, i am not sure even how to contact them now-- thyroid brains work differnetly we have to have it easier- we are not techno brains at all, i keep getting a healthunlocked ' form' everymorning asking for feedback - click here- i click ' there' and then i cant be asked - i have a 'form to fill in i cant do it!

  • i have found them and done it Janeb but i am not sure they will understand my feeble explanation... hey ho...

  • That's great Pettals. We have to keep pestering them. Jane x

  • I'm a techie (I work in IT) and I hate it. The whole point of a user interface is to make the nuts and bolts work for the end user (all of us). If it doesn't, it's not doing its job. Doesn't matter how efficient the backend database is or how much cool code there is, it's not doing the job for which it is intended. Would have failed User Acceptance Testing for this group, anyway.

  • That's the really extraordinary thing. When it was originally set up Thyroid UK had some degree of input, but with this "upgrade" there was no testing to see if it was fit for purpose. Jane x

  • angel can YOU also contact the guys who janeb told me to contact the more moans the better...

  • They are sick of me already. I complain or make suggestions at least once a week, more last week.

  • Believe me, they are FAR more sick of us! ;) Please continue to send feedback. :) L


  • I agree Pettals, don't bother to visit the site much now. It appears a lot of the wise people who used to give wonderful advice have gone. Also (and it might be me) but the volume of questions/posts have gone down. Back in the day there would be a long list of posts sometimes 30 - 40, it would take me all day to read through them.

  • well i am still here margo - altho i dont bother to post much or resaerch much to post now... its too much effort.

  • Pettals you say your brain isnt working but thats the best description Ive heard about the difference between the old and new sites. You have summed it up perfectly and I suspect not just for you but for many. Brilliant :-)

  • o wow thanks. it just came to me this morning i hav e been trying to find the words to explain it, and then wallop---- being in a closed room without windows yay thats it!..

  • Beautifully put pettals! While I can wirk the site...sort of! is so slow loading pages that I think it isnt working or I have done something wrong...I know admin work hard but the old site was very good!

  • Hi, I'm finding it REALLY slow too, and first thing this morning it kept freezing and crashing! Grrrrr! x x

  • Have also been plagued especially by responses i have sent to messages disappearing into space with a 'this is embarrassing can't find that link'.

    Got a personal email to explain the problem so they could attempt to fix it. Think it's the system not the individuals doing their best? Whose program was it anyway??

    xxo all

  • yes slow-- i thought it was my PC.... BLOODY AWFUL CRAP. i am back in the closed room without the wondows an di cant be asked to walk down the corridor to see what else is hiding in others rooms so i am missing everybodys posts,blogs and questions... hate it HATE IT HATE IT!

  • shouldn't laugh but Im going to hahaha!

  • well laughter is the best medicine so maybe you will now be cured abs FAB!-- LOL.. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  • If Only!! :-D

  • Such a good description!

    When I go from page to page it seems to log me out and then back in too - like a lock on the door to each room - no wonder it is slow.

    And the boxes everywhere, feel like I've been packed up!

  • yeah utter crap aint it! its like being in a mansion with tons of rooms with no windows and having to go to each roomto view just one poxy thing then come out and get on a bus to the next room view one thing and so on. i am fatiqued enough as it is... no wonder i fall asleep in the afternoon, i am still searching for just one post plus its slow and i am aging fast trying to see eveything i gave up yonks ago.!

  • I'd have to say that not only is the new site a lot more difficult to get about, there's also still plenty of bugs that have not been fixed. It certainly knocked me right off my stride......


  • erm sorry but I like it. This is my first visit in a while and its so different and easy to follow. Believe me my brain fog is horrendous too.

  • Glad to hear it! :)

    A lot of the problems are coming from existing people who are comparing it to the previous version which was more 'instinctive' to use.

    Always lovely to hear good feedback though! :) :)



  • I agree with you Petals. Your description is spot on. I find it quite stressful to be on here for any length of time. It's slow, blurry pages and the search facility drives me mad!!

    I have gone from checking in numerous times a day to maybe once or twice a week.

    Maybe I will put in an email.

    Best wishes

    Carolineanne x

  • PLEASE do CarolineAnne.

    We are always telling HU that we are losing people and I am not entirely sure they believe us.. :(

    For anyone wishing to send feedback -

    We are hopeful that some things will see real improvements in the short term. If you can stick with us....!



  • caroline anne--- SLOW SLOW SLOW its is driving me batty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I have to agree with you, I hardly go into it now as it seems so complicated, much prefer the old site.

  • Hi Vanessa

    If you have the time, please can you send feedback - thanks!



  • Whatever the user problems, HU aren't likely to go back just yet! .[;~p]

    The user interface has some way to go on full functionality but is a stronger GUI and cleaner 'front of house' view.

    What is missing, is as said, is the 'overall picture' view and access between sections.

    I get the feeling someone has been just a tad too ambitious in the programming dept!

    When remaining bugs are fixed this will have to be improved.

    I think the bugs are taking up the effort still, as it was obviously a huge task to do, live on stream

  • Hi Tegz

    Sorry to dash your dreams, but it definitely won't be going back! The old one is gone for good.

    We believe that there may have been some outsider 'design' input and this may be part of the problem.

    In our opinion, there is simply too much 'white space' and we have sent feedback to this effect.

    Please feel free to add your voice to the feedback emails - (if you are not already...!)

    We have been told that this site is much more flexible than the old one, so once the tech stuff is sorted, we hope to see other changes coming along...





  • and not only am i or we are-- in one roomwithout windows seeing only one thing at a time and missing a whole lot of stuff but it is sooooooooooooooooooooooo slow, you can grow old waiting for it to load up!...

  • flipping 'eck--- i had an email--- health unlocked- i clicked and it said---what new on hu today- with 20 postings-- a bit like the old one, well i am still in the one room but at least the builder has now put a small window in!---- improvement but still got many renovations to do-- maybe they should call in terry walsh or that tall dark handome bloke Nick who sorts out houses and buildings cant remember his name.. thyroid brain!

  • Yeah Louise- I was looking for a tongue in cheek icon to add to the first line- but it's not been provided yet :)

    Agreed, far too much white space but at least the message boxing is better than Yahoos....

  • ;) xx

  • i have just had a email notification of louise replying to me 5 times but i have had all these before, no new ones?

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