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switching my Levo med time yes,no?

Ok i take my 50mcr Levo in the morning at 8 am and eat/drink an hour later.If i switch to taking it in the evening lets say 12.00 midnight then do i leave my dose the following morning at 8 and take at midnight or just take it as normal at 8am and then midnight? i hear this can be better for you.I am all in range,doc has been very thorough but i still feel tired.I was diagnosed in june with hypotyroidism,had my blood tested recently and all good so being lef as i am and told to come back for another test in November.Am i expecting to much to soon and just carry on as i am?

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For many people, either taking a dose morning and evening, or taking a half-tablet on either occasion, or even skipping the morning dose entirely would make little difference. You might or might not be one of these people!

I have never switched - I started and continue on bed-time dosing. We have had a number of people ask similar questions and I think most ended up fine whatever they did.

To be blunt, you are expecting too much, too soon. Even if your dose is perfect and you are well on the road to full health, it does take time. You didn't get ill in a few weeks; you won't completely recover in a few weeks. It is tough and can be very disappointing. Suggest think good thoughts that you are travelling on the right road and in the right direction so you will reach your destination in time.


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Thank you Rod,full respect to you.


I used to take my Levo when I woke up, about an hour before breakfast. However, I changed and for the last 2 or 3 years, I have been taking it all at night when I go to bed which is usually anytime around midnight to 1.30am. And I have to say that I feel it has made a big difference. I would give it a go and see how you get on but as mentioned, don't expect to feel differently instantly - being hypo you learn that patience is a very necessary virtue!


Hi, I used to take my Levo after breakfast in the morning, because taking it last thing at night seemed to stop me sleeping. It was not doing a lot of good just after breakfast so I switched to whenever I wake up in the early hours, which I usually do, generally about 5.30 or 6. I have it ready at the bedside and can take the pills by touch with a sip of water and go back to sleep. This has worked much better for me, I am much more lively, able to do more and have even started re-training for a new career. As Rod says, it is what works for you. Best of luck.


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