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Feeling better than I have in months

I posted recently that I haven't been able to get diagnosed because of stupid 'normal' blood test results. I am still waiting on Ft3 test results from last week but something tells me all will be normal with those too. I mentioned that I got help from a naturopath who is a relation of my bf. I started taking the stuff he recommended and I can't actually believe how much better I feel in the space of a week. I have gone from not being able to walk up the stairs without needing a lie down to now hoovering the whole house and still having energy left! The stuff he recommended is called 'the pink drink' Ark 1 made with L'arginine amongst other things. I have to steer clear of alcohol and too much sugar til I am fully back on my feet as he says the body needs to send too much energy to break down sugar and alcohol so it will slow down recovery.

I used to be the biggest sceptic about naturopaths and natural remedies and so did my bf but we were so desperate to get me fixed and with no help on the horizon from doctors, we got to the point where we'd try anything. One thing I've noticed already is that all summer my children have been bitten by Mosquitos at night but I haven't had a single bite until 5 days after starting to take the pink drink I woke up the next day with ten mosquito bites on my legs! Naturopath says its because the mossies won't go for ppl who are sick or have acidic blood(i think i got that right- my bf was chatting to him about it so i got the info second hand!) so I guess it must be a sure sign that things are improving if i am more attractive to them ;)

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I am glad you are feeling so much better. Lots of people can improve their health through natural remedies. The fact you have energy enough to hoover etc. shows that something he has suggested is working for you and long may it continue.


Hi There, I am so pleased for you, It's great to hear when someone is making progress, best wishes, Whacks :-)


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