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Has anyone had a TRH injection/test??

Im going to have this test done on Thursday - am a bit nervous as the endo said that it 'usually' has no side effects except for possibly feeling faint for a short while. I will be going alone and the hospital is a 15 mile drive away - just a bit worried it might make me feel unwell and unable to drive home?

Also, does the result of this test make any difference to your treatment? My endo has told me "not to get my hopes up" i.e., she is just covering all bases I suppose...........

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I am going for one on Wednesday. Are you having one because of high TSH and suspected pituitory tumour?


No, it's because my tsh has been very low despite continuing hypo symptoms.

Actually, it wasn't bad at all. I didn't have any side effects, felt slightly shaky and nauseous for a moment after the injection (but that may have been me panicking). The worst thing was having to wait around for a whole morning.

Pituitary tumour - is that what you're going for??


I don't know. Have been told lots different things. How long did test take and how long for results. I think I am having test to see how well thyroid working and from what I gather from Internet it will indicate if pituitory working ok or not.


Yes it's to test the pituitary function. No idea how long results will take - I only had my test a week ago....... depending on how busy/efficient your endo is, it's a few hours of waiting around - they take a blood test then give you the trh injection and then do a couple of further blood tests after at half hour intervals to see if there's any difference in the tsh result before and after.


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