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Dr Mencosa

Hi I am new to most of what is being said about Thyroid problems ,so i do not know about Dr Mendosa or the basics of what happens if you need support for edrinal glands.

Would someone mind helping me find out a thing or two.

The reason i am on here is my daughter is being monitered for low thyroid ,the Dr said the test was good everything was right with it ,what would this mean exactly.

Thanks for all your replys it made interesting reading and i hope you all get to feel better soon.Would you mind explaining how you felt health wise ,that took you to the Doctors in the first place,symtoms etc.Thank you zelda

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..a good place to start would be the main website of Thyroid UK. There is so much information there to absorb...and does take time as it can be so overwhelming. Without your daughters blood test results being posted and with the ranges we are not able to offer advice. I would however warn you that very few doctors are able to interpret the Thyroid blood tests correctly. Saying they are normal means they are within the ranges laid down by the Medical Institutions.

Everyone has differing symptoms - as there are over 300 Signs and Symptoms connected with the thyroid. It is very good that at ;least your daughter was tested - the next hurdle is having the results correctly interpreted. Ask for copies of ALL blood tests and keep for reference and monitoring. Hope your daughter soon feels better.


This is the link to the main website and on the left-hand side there are lots of topics some of which may interest you.

Marz is right in recommending your get a print-out of your daughter's blood tests from the doctor's surgery and post them on a new question complete with the ranges (figures in brackets) for someone to comment on them.


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