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i have a very very helpful clinic letter here from my endo.

3 weeks ago i had a thyroid test done at the gp for the endo in another town-

the biochemist in the lab ----said it was abnomal , ----so she also did a cortisol test from the same phial in the lab. only the t3 was done how strange, but it looked fine to me... the cortisol was 370 nmol below 400 --she wrote this does not exclude addisons. then there was a foot note-- please note ref range has changed-- err changed to what?

next i go to endo 3 weeks later ,he does more tests, tsh t4 t3 i think , i get letter yesterday-- everything is normal..

kidney,liver, vit d, iron folic acid b12 and auto antibodies all normal... what auto antibodies?--- so-- my tsh is a ''''very healthy 0.31 mu/l so what doe s that mean in english?

i have no dea of any other results but i have requested a copy. there is '' nothing hormonal or metabolic that is making you feel so unwell.'''' i am obviously very very healthy , i am normal with a load of hair loss, muscle and back pain, so very very tired, fatique, dry skin, thick catarrh- sorry-- no hair under armpits and not much in the nether regions either an d that was like it for years so it is not bloody age related.... no appetite ,no energy bad sleep ,no sleep fall aslleep all hours of the day.... but i am normal do you think i should see a psychhiatrist? perhaps i am a hypocondriac... should i tell the dermotology doc that she has got her facts wrong too... i take 25mcg thyroxine and 20mcg t3. what do you think of the tsh in relational to the meds....

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Hello Petals

Any chance of getting a copy of all the tests and reference ranges that you have had done, it seems quite difficult to see what is going on without seeing the whole picture.

Just on the 25mcg of T4 and 20mcg of T3, this seems a bit top heavy (or bottom heavy). I had always thought that the ratio of T4 to T3 to should be about 3:1 (for example 75 T4 to 25 T3). TSH will always be low if you are on T3 but as you have no readings for T4 and T3 it is difficult to say what is going on.

You could try reducing your T3 to 10mcg per day and see if this alleviates your symptoms. If it doesn't do the trick perhaps you need more T4 with it. 25mcg T4 is a starter dose and the T3 will be keeping your TSH down.


yes jan, i have asked for a list , it really annoys me that i am not sent it but just told - you are normal-- hey let me be the judge of that i have done plenty of searching a nd i know my own body for heavens sake.. iknow if i am so tired that i am falling asleep all hours of the day i know that i cannot bear bright sunlight, i know that i have 'brain swelling /blood vessel swelling sensations' in my head it wakes me- this has been for 3 years now, ever since i stopped a weeks supply of cortisol at 30mg a day for 8 days - and i felt well during the time i was taking it- when istopped i totally crashed and everything went haywire an dthe trembling in my spine started an d all the weird things that happened since- to this day! i was wondering what the ratio was with t4/t3, that,- ,i dont understand but i understand most other things with adrenals, strangley enough my endo had left me 0n 20t3 for a year, i didnt want him to leave but it was a blesssing really as the new one read all my moaning emails after i complained that the previous endo- my last endos registrar who took over from the one who left had ordered all the tfts an d the lab only did tsh and said i was on adequate med, i ssid to the new endo--- that is a cheek- how does the lab know what is happening to my body and could i hav esome t4 which he agreed, however i have now had a test from the local lab saying my thyroid was abnormal i then had a test 3 weeks ago-- the above one in the question which says i am normal- i have just had a letter from the private prof i saw who sent me to get immune tests in april and that lab did my thyorid an dsaid it was abnormal an dthe prof has agreed and uppe dit to 75mcg t4 as wellas 20 t3. sooooooooooo i feel like a ping pong ball. its joke eh... watch this space til the letter comes with all my results an di will post. thankyou so much xxx


Lol you ARE normal sweetie, no need for a psychiatrist. ;)

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hi poppy yes i was kidding actually but sometimes i think that is my last resort...


Pettals, it's probably as you have instinctively thought all along - that it may be your adrenals/corisol as confirmed by the Dermatologist. It's a pity GP's appear not to know much about adrenals but it would have been reassuring for you re the Dermatologist's diagnosis.

I'm glad I don't have Hashi's as you have all these 'swings and roundabouts' with your hormones.Poor you.

Best wishes.


Hi Pettals,

I'm suffering with your symptoms tooand choke on the Pleghm, T'is truely horrible, do you sweat at all?

I'm too soo tired but can't sleep either and have never had my cortisol levels checked, so feel for you hun.

Shaws mentioned Hashimoto's, I was diagnosed with Hashi's at the beginning of the year but Hypo for 3 years. ust wondered if you have Hashimoto's and are these symptoms normal?

Natalie x


dear nat,see the last reply on here, i am not sure if i have hashi or not--- yes i sweat becos the whole system is malfunctioning, get a saliva test, no one will accept it but in blood half of cortsiol is bound up by proteins thus making unuselable in the cells, saliva shows wht is available fpr use, ther might be enough floating around in the blood stream but getting it into the cells is another thing and this is what they bloody well fail to acknowledge.


Hiya Pet,

I'm also seeing a consultant for Gerd and have read up about the thick mucus that comes with GERD. Do you get any burning in ur throat or heartburn, may have gerd too...ust a thought!

Nat x


yes shaws i only hpe that the dermo writes her clinic letter in my favour but hey i am not holding my breath...xx and i dont actually know if i have got hashi i am wonderin that they just dont know what they are doing when doling out the meds as they fail to see that low cortisol will steal the thyroid and cause more probs.. its just a one way road, no bends or branches, no hormone pathways just straightforwrd tsh t4 t3 job done.. not that easy... xx


Hey pettals, you definitely have hashi and cortisol issues, you no as well as me test result are just a fraction of a problem. T3 and t4 will not help with autoimmune d, in fact, you really need to correct the underlying cause, which is a lengthy process. Sorry to hear you are still struggling, I will phone you soon. Xx


hi merrisa , it s ben ages we must catch up i was wondering how you were doing... pettals..


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