seeing endo soon help with bloods please

Hi seeing endo fri to try get some t3 i have graves had tt bout 7 months and take 150mg levo my main symptom is cognitive and brain power then tieredness. my tsh has always bin <0.01 my ft4 near top of range but cos i kicked of abit they have done bloods with ft3 and a bit more hears the list

tsh <0.01 (0.4-4.00)

ft4 24.5 (12-22)

ft3 3.5 (3.95-6.8)

thyroid peroxidase antibod lev 12 (0-34)

serum calcium 2.50 (2.20-2.60)

serum magnesium 0.93 (0.7-1.0)

serumalkaline phosphatase 105 (30_130)

serum total protein 68.3 (60-80)

serum albumin 50.2 (35-50)

my last blood test my ft3 was not tested but ft4 was 18

what i wood like help with is why has my tsh not risen and could i have pituitary gland problems

thank you inadvance


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  • I think your TSH is probably low due to your ft4 being over range. However your ft3 is below range, so I think you have a very strong argument for a trial of T3, as it looks like you are not converting. Good luck. Xx

  • My ft4 has just went out of range, it has bin18ish since tt. My Endo has called for more tests ie piturity scan and cortisoil 24 hrs test i think i have to go in to hospital for that im sure he said i had to get injected with some thing but might be wrong. So hopefuly these test will get to my tsh problem ?

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