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I know I have a thyroid problem from my symptoms-tightness in neck,lumps in neck and swollen thyroid also sore throat(unrelated)?? hoarseness losing voice on occasion.

I googled thyroid symptoms and it said one symptom was losing hair on outer edge of eyebrows.i had this last year but wasn't sure.i looked in mirror and thought my eyebrows appear a lot thinner but thought no more of it.has anyone else had this?

my dr felt the sides of my neck and said glands are not up??why when thyroids are at front?

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When you consider that every cell in the body needs T3 (the active form of thyroid hormone) in order to work properly it is not surprising that any part of your system can be affected, including partial loss of eyebrows. The main Thyroid UK site has a list of some of these symptoms:

The problems in your neck area and sore throat can be and often are thyroid related. Has your doctor tested you and put you on any medication. If not check this page also for tests that he should carry out for you:

Jane x

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thank you s always reassuring to hear other s comments and responses as my dr doesn't always give me answers.


Sounds like you won't get any sensible answers from your GP anyway if he doesn't know where the thyroid gland is!

As already mentioned - you need full thyroid blood tests.


ill make an appt to see another dr


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