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does anyone know of a sympathetic NHS GP or Endo in Knaresborough/Harrogate area?

I was diagnosed hypo 6 years ago and was taking 125 mcg levo until the Teva debacle with 100mcg tablets. Since then things have not been good, we moved house and new GPs seem to be very conservative and I am feeling c....

I am currently on alternate 75/100mcg daily last TSH (that is all they would test for) was 2.72. It had been below 1 last year when I was on 125mcg of "proper" levo, but I then developed hyper like symptoms and hence dose was reduced to 100 and then to 75!

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I am from Leeds and could not find any. They say a lady in Manchester is good at the spire, but I chose to see dr skinner, worth the travel and money, never looked back, good luck in your search x


Well done for managing to get a referral to Dr Skinner. Do you mind me asking how?! I was diagnosed hypothyroid last week at the Duchy hospital in Harrogate and two GPs have now said they won't refer me to Dr Skinner because he is a virologist :( I noticed you are local. Any help greatly appreciated x


Bella, I was told to try an endo at Hull Royal Infirmary, by w3ndy on this site, maybe admin can help you


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