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Can Levothyroxine effect menstrual cycle?

I've been on 50 mcg levothyroxine for 7 weeks, in that time my period was 10 days late and lasted my normal 7 days, now 5 days later I'm spotting and feel like I'm going to have another!! My GP has now increased my dose to 75mcg as tsh still high and still feeling rubbish is this all normal ?

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50mcg is a starting dose and everything is affected by hypothyroidism, particularly female problems.

Hopefully, when your thyroid medication is raised high enough to bring your TSH 1 or below, things should sort themselves out.


Thank you :)



I have had similar problems, I am also on 75 mcg of levo and still struggling with a very messed up cycle. I am hoping it will settle down when my dosage increases.



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