another moan-- i cant find past post an di cant scroll back further than the bottom the page so how do i look up last week or the week befor

before an di am trying to find polaris so i can pm her but how do i find out how to locate her... i dont like it that i cant see everything at a first glance. it makes me dizzy , ther e is no a-z now so how do we locate a person unless they have recently posted...

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  • Beats me Pettals, I'm just posting to sympathise. Since changing my email options from 'Two Top Posts for you today', chosen for me, I now get an inbox which is choc a bloc with individual emails. To see one I have to obviously open it, then switch on my 'see images and content' which is always disabled for my safety (because you never know if you enable something you might be letting in a virus - been there, done that), then I go back and hit 'See Post' then the page is blank for a couple of seconds, then at last I see the post. And this is for every single post!

    I see now that often a post has no replies or very few, whereas before, when you had a digest with a heading of one question or observation with another 20 or 30 to chose from within that email, and even more down the side once you got onto the site, very few or no replies at all was almost unheard of. You could jump right into whatever discussion was interesting, or to which you might have something useful to add. Not any more. I feel quite isolated again. This seems to have put brick walls around all of us as individuals and made it much harder to communicate.

    Is there no way that we could return to this system, at least to allow us to see a selection of posts all at once, not have them delivered as individual emails? (Or the alternative of having two 'chosen for me' which is bl**dy infuriating). I have got to the point where I'm so fed up and annoyed with having an inbox stuffed with scores of individual emails, and having to go through the palaver needed to see the content every single time for ONE post, I am not bothering, but just deleting a great many without even opening them. I just don't have the time or energy to open scores of individual emails just to see what they might say, whereas before I could see the first couple of lines of a selection of 20 or 30 all at once, and could assess which would be interesting or useful to me, or if I could contribute something helpful.

    I was going back through my emails and happened upon one of the 'old' notifications that I had not opened. Oh, the total bliss of seeing all those blue headings with loads of different posts that I could see all at once! It was SO much easier. They say you don't appreciate something until you lose it - except in this case I think we DID all appreciate it and very much mourn it's loss. I know I do.

    This present way of accessing the posts is a nightmare and I don't honestly see how it can be described as an improvement. I don't like it either that you can't see everything at first glance, instead to having to negotiate a flipping obstacle course first. Why?? Why is it 'better'?? Better for whom? Not us as far as I can see.

    As for tracking anybody down, Pettals, I have no idea. I'm having my work cut out with the emails, which is driving me nuts.

    Sorry to keep moaning about this. Rather than 'getting used to it', I'm getting to the point of deleting almost everything. I'm not convinced that the new system is helping anybody. Understatement of the century. :-(

  • I have just pressed the Green Feedback button and it says the 70 complaints/suggestions are:-


    Thank your for your suggestions! We are reviewing changes to email notifications and tagging as well as other suggestions and will continue to introduce improvements in the coming weeks and months.

  • here here kanga girl well said--- please take note of kanga girls post ---web makers---- i couldnt even understand what you are saying about stopping the virus- i would like to do that but hey i havent a clue at the best of times--- eventualluy i typed polaris in the top secrh box and a load of titles came up that she had replied to so i clicked on her pic an dgfinally got her- even then after a long post i thought it had gone out to th eworld and his wife instead of private between her and me---- oh yes and that blue page where we had the 20 or so posts of the day- an dto scroll choose and click---- i am isolated and i know i am missing much at this rate..... there must be a better easier more up to dat e way instead of this paraphanlia an dthe ramifications of getting to where we want.

  • Also, if I'm now getting 20 or 30 individual emails for every ONE that I used to get, that's an awful lot of emails to keep on the screen. Literally hundreds. What if you don't want to look at every single one right now? What if you have one (or more) you want to keep to refer to later? It's just not possible to keep every individual one, the sheer volume just overwhelms any other emails you might get, never mind just being mind boggling. If you don't delete most of them, pretty soon it gets ridiculous.

    Or is the answer to have no emails at all, but just log into the site a couple of times a week to see (if you can) what's going on? But then you're isolating yourself again, and it shouldn't be necessary. The other system actually worked brilliantly.

    Say I used to get one, sometimes two digest a day, each containing 30 posts. And more once you got onto the site. 7 or so emails a week, which isn't really a problem. Now it can be 210 plus emails in a week, which doesn't seem to make any sense at all, especially when we know a better system is possible, (ie the one we had). I certainly hope somebody will look at this again and rethink it.

    I had to go back into my deleted emails to find this post - by some miracle I was able to remember which one it was and who had posted the original question among the hundreds in the deleted file - before I could add a second comment. Sorry to keep on about it, but it really is very annoying.

  • dont be sorry it needs to be said--- i onl y ever get one notification so i dont knwo what is avaiable at first glance i have to ferret around here like mole!!!!

  • pettals, if you click on your name at the top of the page, you can chose your email preferences from the drop down menu. I hated getting one email a day with two 'Top Posts' already chosen for me, and somebody - sorry I can't remember who - told me how to change it.

    So now I get buried under a deluge of hundreds of individual emails instead of a digest, so I don't know which is worse! I should go back and see if there's something in between, but there didn't seem to be a choice between all or nothing (virtually nothing). You still have to do a good bit of ferreting, but at least you'll get hundreds of emails! :-D

  • cant be asked really kanga girli am so fed up ith it now. x

  • pettals, I know what you mean, it's very tiring and frustrating when you least feel like it. I keep finding out little bits and pieces, but only when somebody 'in the know' mentions it, otherwise it's a guessing game, and I can't really be bothered either.

    I suppose the nature of our condition makes us over react to everything and hate change - I don't mind if it's change for the better - but I don't see why it has to be such an obstacle course when it doesn't have to be - er - if you know what I mean. Did anybody ever explain why it all had to change? Did we ever get asked? If so I must have missed it.

  • well it changed as there were so many people here and the site couldn tcope with the load- but now that so many peeple have got pissed off an dgone i think they would be able to go back to the original as there are not many left here now!!!!!!!!!! hey ho... ho hum!!!!

  • Oh, right. Well, I suppose it's one way of thinning us out, just p*ss everybody off so much that they can't be bothered. But still, with all the technology available you would think they could come up with something more user friendly. I mean, I appreciate the effort (or do I?) but it isn't really working that well, is it? I will be interested to see if there are any improvements.

  • Couldn`t agree more with your comments, you summed it all up beautifully soooo frustrating Imogen xx

  • There I was thinking it was just me being a moron - thanks Imogen x

  • Pettals, click on 'members' on the purple bar and then start typing in the name in the box, several options will appear and the more you type the closer you get until the one you want will be in the list. Sounds much more complicated than it is! Hope this helps XXX Marie

  • thanks. m.

  • You can look at older posts by either going to "questions" or "posts" on the op blue bar. If you go down to the bottom of the page you will hen see arrows to go foreword or back in time :) xx

  • Thanks Clarebear, I didn't know that. A bit odd that you have to click on 'next' to go back in time. Personally I would still rather have the email notifications with 20 or 30 topics in them that you can see all at once - searching through everything seems to fit pettals' description of 'ferreting' - but thanks anyway.

  • Oh yes you are right - I think they've got previous and next the wrong way around :(

  • Say no more!!!

  • I'll report it. xx

  • Thanks xx

  • I will be back in the office tomorrow after my holiday - after catching up with emails and order forms I will be scouring the site again and looking at what has (and hasn't) been resolved......



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